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Yes yes yes yes yes!

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All save data is backed up to the cloud servers for all users and will automatically sync when you load a game on another xbox. Of course if you've got a game like Forza5 with massive save data that's bit of a ball-ache.

Otherswise, it's as @oscar__explosion says, you need a 256gb+ usb drive to move data to.

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Great article @patrick, refreshing change from. the dancing around the flames of almost every other site out there.

Getting so tired of the close-minded, numbers focused nature of 'enthusiast' gaming.

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Always forget that. Will do so for next live stream then update back here.

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Hmmm, despite what it says here and on the live streams, IE11 (both full fat and Modern) is not giving any chat and instead pops up the apology.

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Play to is available on Win7 and Win8. The big difference is that you have to 'push' content to the One, rather than 'pulling' it from the PC/server with the 360.

Edit: Oh, and damned useless thread title.

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Wow, pretty crazy how you guys have over-reacted to someone you disagree with.

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I don't get people who don't get the original post.

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@lackingsaint said:

I think people are kind of missing the point of the post. The frustrating thing about the ending, and even as someone who picked Option C I say this, is that it's cheap. It's cheap to give the player this morally grey dilemma, and then decide to make a canonically all-around good-in-every-way ending out of one of those choices. Jeez guys, think about how much time the average player is spending just on the main plot. Like, at least a couple days of solid gameplay. Yet the ending, the bow that wraps up the whole product, rests on a flimsy moral choice which is less a moral choice and more a "can you figure out the right answer?" It's weird, and I find it kind of lazy.


Edit: Damn, you've nailed my issues with the story ending as well. They make all the noises of there being character growth but buggered if I could see it.

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Hot scoops!

Like you say Patrick, very interesting to see Apple taking more of an interest in the game side of it's platform.