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Yeah, I've got that a bit but do have other tech in the way. Think it's just that they're so concerned about response in this game that they want to flag it up.

Should try a resync having changed some other wireless stuff recently.

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I don't get the big controversy here, they're not going to have people race on tracks that they don't own. This seems to be the way most games handle this for tracks/levels. (Titanfall does intergrate the DLC into the rotations and match you in and out as required but that's more the exception than rule.). Of course characters are a different issue.

I'm guessing the implementation is that this is also going to be the case for the DLC characters, which is a shame when other games have dealt with DLC characters online better.

Actually, what happens with the coloured Yoshi and Shy Guys? Not tested that online.

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You guys are all wrong

It should be called 2 Mario 2 Party

Bravo :)

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Yeah, having Kinect from day one I've gotten used to using it. They've done a good job of making changes for those without Kinect but I'd still say with Kinect is the better experience, especially if you want to control other devices in your A/V setup.

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@koolaid: Yeah, the title suggests that the consumers of video games are not idiots. Then the comment section does it's best efforts to disprove that.

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That first video was fantastic. Learnt some stuff about high level intellectual criticism and also fantastically deconstructed the machinery that has cause Gamergate to unfortunately trundle on.

Of course will be labelled as liberal intellectualism, protecting cultural Marxism or whatever nonsense is now being spouted.

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Thanks for continuing to bring attention to this Patrick. With the constant threat of reprisals it's far from an "empty gesture".

Also nice to see how large a proportion of the core GB community are reasonable human beings.

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Are you only able to join one club again?

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Yes yes yes yes yes!