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I am with Brad in that it's just a bummer that resources are going into this instead of something new. Same goes for all the HD remakes.

FF11, FF13, FF13-2, FF13-3 and Verses 13 SE new stuff has been steller. Haven't had a proper console AAA turn based JRPG since Lost Odyssey, how are they wasting resources? FF7 remake will outsell every game SE put out last gen.

Did you mean hasn't been stellar? I haven't seen someone use the word stellar with FF13 in a few years.

Also I never said they are wasting resources, I said it's a bummer that this is where they are putting their resources. This is good business decision for them because it will make them money, and it will make the fans happy. I said it's a bummer because we are in a time now where nostalgia has more power then originality.

I don't think your last statement is true. There's more original content being released these days than there ever was before. We're still getting new things, just not from the same publishers that gave us the old things that we loved at the time.

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Sequel naming challenge accepted.

Horizon: Day Zero

Horizon 2: Dawn Harder

Horizon: Day One

Horizon: Ion Age

Horizon: After Dawn

Horizon: Another Dawn

Beyond Horizon: Lost Nights

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Super interested in this. I know it's cliched but I hope this is open world survival like some of these other games. Except with progression, production values, and polish. I want to be venturing out into a giant world and bringing supplies back. Becoming more and more confident and pushing farther and farther away from base, discovering new things, then having to find my way back.

This is what I thought Dead Island was going to be, that first time that I had to make a run to pickup oranges for the survivors hiding in the lifeguard post. And then the game continued and I was disappointed. :(

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I'd like to come across a planet that literally looks like an easter egg. Also a planet that is cube shaped.

The universe is a very very big place.

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My Profile says 398

I have 23 games in my library, but only 9 are purchased; the others are free. From those 9 that I purchased, 4 of them were part of a LucasArts classics pack that was like $5.

My rule is that a game should be $5 and less for a purchase on Steam. Though once I did spend $10 for Killing Floor because I thought it seemed good, boy was I wrong. It's a dumb grinding game where the developers have just abandoned it. Out of my few purchases, the Killing Floor purchase was the worst; a pathetic game and purchase, I remind myself of it so I don't make the same mistake again.

Why? Because with Steam you can't sell the game, you can't get rid of it for some money back. That's the worst part about Steam.

It's stupid... game companies have DRM that says you can install it on up to 3 computers (or some other number) ... but how can you do it with Steam? It's tied to your account? So it's stupid. You're going to share your password? Steam locks games to single users, you can't share or trade or even sell....... Steam is very restrictive in this way and I can't support them with higher priced purchases. I might as well walk down the street in search of a poor man selling bootleg games than to purchase an extremely restrictive product from Steam.

This argument is really really one-sided. Especially today, the first day of the Steam Summer Sale. I don't see Gamestop offering 90% off of their titles.

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As a non-smoker I don't mind that you do it outside. But also I can tell you that you probably smell like warm dogshit to other non-smokers when you go back inside.

The amount of shit that woman is breathing in from car exhaust is probably worse than what she could have easily avoided by simply holding her damn breath for two seconds. Honestly, if people like her would just learn to close their damn mouths the rest of the world would be a better place.

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And here's hoping there's a good deal on the PC version soon! =D

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They'll post both archives to the front page! Huzzah! Everyone wins!

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I'm currently playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and am becoming annoyed at all the flowers shimmering at me that I will never pickup because they'd just fill my inventory, since creating potions doesn't give XP towards creating better potions. The combat's fun though!

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Is a world where everyone has become androgynous really such a bad thing? I imagine that we'll eventually evolve into brains in jars, at which point masculinity and femininity are pointless anyway.