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I remember having a demo of this game, on the same disc that also had Final Fantasy VII and Bushido Blade, for the PSOne when I was about 10. I played it over and over, and it scared the crap out of me while still being interesting enough to bring me back in.

So I say, Yes please!

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Unlocks Character & Skin

Character: Thanatos

Skin: Jack The Reaper

Code: JR84FF83EA1640911

Please respond if you use the code, so others don't bother trying. Thank you. :)

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@trilogy said:

How long before somebody builds a real life version of that thing?

I was thinking the same thing. Wondering how long it's going to be before we see Orange County Choppers on TV riding one around.

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@gaff said:

For quality, physical media hasn't been beaten yet, so Blu-Ray.

However for convenience, digital copy.


All of my movies are backed up on my NAS, and simply hitting play on XBMC/Plex is way easier than looking through a bunch of identical blue cases and then inserting into a machine, then waiting for preview garbage to be skippable, then navigating more menus.

But at the same time, I periodically go through all of this (usually with From Paris With Love or Inglorious Basterds) to revel in the glorious uncompressed HD with fully supported surround sound.

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Reaper of Souls local multiplayer. Playing D3 with a controller already beats the hell out of playing with a mouse & keyboard. And then add in playing locally with 3 others! Buying a PS4 was worth it to me just for this.

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How has no one suggested Halo yet???

Shooting at a Covenant wretch. Some lucky fucking little beetle guy wanders around a rock and blows your head off. Little beetle man starts talking trash while your consciousness is zapped to an escape shuttle and you come back with a new body. Meanwhile the little beetle guy gets promoted to a captain!

I just google searched and they're called Unggoy

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Ok. I'm confused here. Is this different than how OnLive or Gaikai does it, because those services basically run VMs that people stream and so even if they were playing an MMO then everything gets processed per VM instead of once in a central machine and then streamed out? If so, then this is a nice logical step forward.

Where I'm really confused is how are the requirements for this any less tied to an always on connection like the XBone was originally announced as and people flip their shit over? The XBone was originally announced as a machine that would utilize cloud computing, but they had to dump that idea because the people forced them to dump the always online part.

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I like the idea of partying. I never much enjoy the actual experience, and if I do then it's because I was way more wasted than I should have been and then I don't enjoy the next day as I remember all the dumb shit I said and did.

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@rowr said:

@dussck said:

@rowr: Yea that's the only part of the game I still don't fully understand. I've watched about 3 video's about it (the nemesis system that is), but all I get is that it randomly generates Orcs and you can decide what Orc will be tougher than the others in the end.

So how does this influence your playthrough in a big way? It's still about killing the Orcs, right?

Yeh while it looks neat on it's own it's hard to know where it's heading or fits into in the grand scheme of things. I'm kind of assuming it will weave into the story in some capacity as far as making story bosses easier or something? I thought i read or watched that you are basically gathering an army, so perhaps when you get all 5 chiefs dominated etc that completes that army and that section is "done". I feel a lot hinges on the quality of the story and it's missions and how it all ties together, it's a little worrying how little of that has been shown off but let's hope it's good.

Gather your army and wage war Brutal Legend style? Eh? Eh? Anyone? Yes? It would be better than Civilization style... :P

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From Ian Williams's "Rise of the Simulations"

'That’s if we work at all. As bad as many of our cities are, the spaces between them are crippled by a calculated abandonment of available work outside of Wal-Mart clerking and fast food assembly. Entire sections of the country are essentially on the dole right up until the time that the same folks who killed the industries that made those towns and small cities livable cut it off. As a culture, we’ve developed an utterly dysfunctional relationship with labor and our expectations of what it should be.'

Finally, someone else who realizes that Wal-Mart will one day turn our towns into Chinese factories where it's laborers work, eat, and sleep all in the same place.