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While I agreed with Patrick's write-up about the paradox that is Aiden Pierce, I don't generally give a damn about articles.


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Mass Effect 2

Half of the Assassin's Creed games

- I start to lose interest in those long RPGs

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Going through my Steam library right now

Games I suggest

  • Jamestown - Local Co-op and I manually put this at the top of my list for a reason
  • Pixel Junk Monsters Ultimate - A TD even my wife enjoyed. Though I was sick of this game by the time we beat every single level.
  • Risk of Rain - Maybe, maybe not? Keep an eye on Humble Bundle for this one on the cheap
  • Awesomenauts - She'll be ok playing against bots. Though if she craves any kind of story then this won't do.
  • Sanctum 1 & 2 - Not local co-op, you'll need your separate PCs
  • Portal 2 - Local co-op, first-person puzzle madness
  • Orcs Must Die! 2 - Not local co-op, you'll need your separate PCs
  • Trine 2
  • Dustforce - It's co-op
  • Deathspank - My wife likes to play these, but she hates when I scream "HEARTS" to remind her to heal us.
  • Magicka - again, not local, and you'll need a couple of decently powerful machines to run it smoothly. This game is weirdly demanding.
  • Rock of Ages - has a decently fun versus mode.
  • Dungeonland - Pretty sure it's free 2 play. so nothing lost there.

Games we both felt indifferent about

  • Rocketbirds - The opening cinematic and the music are great. But the controls are probably not fluid enough for her to like. The atmosphere and game is kinda lovable though.
  • Hammerwatch
  • Spelunky
  • Full Mojo Rampage - rogue likes seem to not be our cup of tea. Risk of Rain was an acception for me alone.

Games I suggest avoiding

  • Dead Horde
  • Sacred Citadel - We both found this game to be just boring.
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I voted Normal, or Medium, but sometimes if I just want to chill out with game and absolutely not get pissed about anything then I put that shit on easy and have myself a nice relaxing time.

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I like number 2. It could definitely kill troll comments and spam bots.

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While I disagree with your rant that the Imperial system makes as much sense as the Metric system, here's a couple of points that I think we can ALL get behind.

  • Timezones are stupid - We should all be on One World Time (OWT)
  • Time Change (Daylight Savings) is stupid - Why don't we just start the work day an hour earlier in the winter?
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I was tripping for a second. I thought I was on Polygon and wondering why in the hell this was reading like Alex Navarro had written it. And then I scrolled back up.

PS. that's not a bad thing. You write like you talk, Alex, and it makes for some easy to understand reading. At least for people whose primary language is English.

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I'm leaving out the suggestion of a gaming laptop, because if you are considering a console then I assume that your class needs are already met.

There's aren't many differences between a console and a PC any more. There are plenty of PC games that support local co-op, and running the PC to your TV should be relatively painless in a dorm. Actually it's relatively painless, period.

What's the price on a new console? About $400? You can build you a decent gaming rig for $600-$700. And now visit STEAM to see games that are 75%-80% off, while their console counterparts are at least double the price.

+1 for the PC is the multitude of F2P games that exist. There's a lot of content out there that can has the potential to hold your attention, even your friends' attention as well, at little to no cost to you.

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This game is absolutely worth $5. Hell, I'd push it for $10.

Personally, I had issues with the controller controls. I cursed the game, rage-quit, and all but gave up on it for a couple of weeks but there was this something that drew me back to it. This time around I went the mouse/keyboard route and the experience was MUCH better. This seemed to improve my commands being received and accepted by my AI partners. Just my 2cents.