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Rest in peace, Jules Bianchi

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Same here.

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Hope Firaxis took a real good look at The Long War mod during the design phase of this game, because that thing took EU/EW to a whole new level.

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Wow, Towa Tei is a pretty impressive get.

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What a shame. He was great in Weekend Confirmed.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Yoon.

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Sennheiser HD650 + cheapest desk mic I could find.

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It's an insane deal. The Saga compendium by itself is worth a lot more than the $18 they're asking to get the highest tier of rewards.

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Damn, I'll miss ya Scoops.

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What I'm currently listening (Other than the Bombcast):

  • Comedy Bang Bang - I once scared an old lady on the bus when it made me laugh louder than I ever thought I was capable of doing.
  • The Thrilling Adventure Hour - A nice weekly 1 hour long show done in the style of those old serials that were popular before video killed the radio star.
  • 8-4 - It's to Japanese gaming what Giant Bomb is to American gaming. Lots of talk about JRPGs, mobile games and all things Nintendo.
  • Idle Thumbs - As far as I'm concerned the first 64 episodes of Idle Thumbs are the best video game podcasts ever made (Yes, even better than the excellent CGW/GFW Radio), but unfortunately the show's quality took a nosedive after the Kickstarter revival.
  • The various premium GB podcasts - Oh Alt-F1, you will be missed...
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Crazy that BoI:R is a free game for Plus members. In fact, these past few months have been insanely great for Vita users with Velocity 2x, Pix the Cat, TxK, Dragon's Crown and Terraria (Well, and Spelunky, but everybody has the game of the generation already, right?).