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Just came back from the game. Shame it was a boring one and being surrounded by Argentinians when you're rooting for the Netherlands isn't ideal (Not to mention seeing our biggest rival win the day after our team suffered the worst humiliation in its 100 year history is just rubbing salt in the wound), but at least I got to see Messi live.

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No mention of their world famous clarinets? That ain't no true Barkerville song as far as I'm concerned, no siree.

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It's a time for change, so I believe this is a good opportunity to kill the Bombcast. Kill it and replace with The Bombcast Tapes: Side A (West coast team, releases on Tuesday) and Side B (East coast team, releases on Friday).

Getting a new Jeff hosted podcast and a new Vinny hosted podcast every week would be pretty sweet.

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São Paulo, SP, Brazil

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While that's a shame, 5 seasons of a show with such low viewership is far more than most networks would've given us.

Et pluribus anus.

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@hailinel: Well, that Momohime figure is by far the most striking one I've seen so far. I didn't even like Muramasa that much, but as soon as I saw it I knew I needed to have it.

And yeah, that's a mini Crystal Skull Vodka.

@liquidprince: I bought things twice from Amiami and can easily vouch for them.

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Windows boots rather fast out of the HDD after a fresh install, but as time goes on it can start to chug (By the time I replaced my old computer it needed 3 and a half minutes to boot). I've owned a SSD for over a year and it remains as fast as when I first got it.

I also turn my computer off every night. If you keep it on all the time I suppose an SSD wouldn't be a very significant upgrade.

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How does Reddit gold work exactly? If I sign up for a single month ($3.99) I'd get 2 free months of Premium Membership here (Worth $10.00)?

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Mmm... Though I loved Amplitude I'd feel weird backing a project from a major studio to work on an IP that's owned by Sony.