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Thanks Patrick!

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Hard to tell the difference between a cultural style in communicating illness and the seriousness of the illness. If this was a US company, I would say the person had an at least somewhat serious health issue because if the person in question had an ear infection, the press release would just say "blah blah blah ear infection."

However, in Japan, this information might be considered too personal and communicating the illness as a doctor's concerns makes it more polite and appropriate.

Hope he is okay.

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When is the Giant Bomb New York mixer? I am so there.

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When the SK statement about the engine change originally came out, it seemed completely disconnected from reality. How can you throw away the Unreal engine, with thousands of hours of labor in it, build its replacement and simultaneously continue building a game designed for the Unreal engine?


The Bombcast suggestion (I forget who) that Epic should complete the Too Human trilogy was fantastic!

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You are assuming that Sony comfortably has all the software ready to go and bug-free and that holding it back is an easy choice they can make to improve PS4 Internet stats. I think they are barely going to have everything working by release date and that they will patch many times in the early weeks after release. Same for Microsoft.

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Thank you to Ryan Davis for being such fun to watch and to listen to.

He is missed now and will be from now on.

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I think the check from the Activision settlement probably cleared. Maybe he is building a nice bungalow in Bora Bora


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I'm pretty confident that both PS4 and the next Xbox will allow publishers to easily gate used disks. Currently, with EA's "Project $10," you receive a code to access multiplayer content and you buy that code for used games. PS4 and Xbox-next will not need you to type in a code for a new game since they will know the disk is new (And the code will probably be on some tag embedded in the disk).

This will make it easier for the users and while I am sure that some smaller publishers will use this feature to completely block used game sales, I suspect that EA and Activision will use this new seamless capability to blackmail Game Stop and other used game sellers into sharing the profits or at least not undercutting week 1 sales with used games. I like used games being available but I understand why EA would be angry with Game Stop convincing customers to buy a used game over a new game the first week of release.

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1. FTL

2. Just Cause 2

3. Mark of the Ninja

4. Hitman: Blood Money

5. Limbo

6. Castle Crashers

7. LA Noire

8 . Super Meatboy

No time to come up with 10 -- skip me if above are unavailable.

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@Kidavenger: The Power architecture frequently clocks in higher than Intel in general. For example Power 7 server chips clock in as high as 4.25 GHz (not overclocked). However, the clock speed is not 1 for 1 and the performance of a program on Power may or may not be better the performance on an Intel PC and is program dependent.

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