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RIP Ryan

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@Matt: thanks duder, glade to hear

@Buckfitches: could be interesting, maybe I will look into it if I get the time

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@sp0rkeh: Currently both the XBMC and BOXEE plugin has been replaced with the official Whiskey Media plugins. Cool to hear that you enjoyed my plugin :)

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@kyotocafe: Currently no. Whiskey Media will sone release there own plugins/apps. I have stop all development on my plugins for now.

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@Billisbrother: sound wiered, have you tried the Low video quality setting? I have an old mac mini some where will try to find it and see whats up

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@Zero_: This is  unfortunately  beyond my  abilities, but I have heard that the Whiskey guys them self is working on an app, that does just that
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@SpicyRichter: Hey, will look into it
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@sully: How it works currently on the XBMC/Plex plugin: 
1) The very first time it parse through all 3000+ videos and stores there info ( resulting in very long load times, because it req. many calls to the api ) 
2) Subsequently very time you start the the plugin after that, it only adds new videos ( results in a very short load time, because it  usually only req. 1-2 call to the api )  
Im not sure that this can be done any faster, but if you have an idea, Im all ears.
How it works on the Boxee plugin: 
1) There is no data file  
2) Start of plugins is very fast
3) Every category calls a search query in the API , a  search query gives 20 videos pr call ( load times  depend on number of videos in categorie )
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@sully: Cool dude 
I will take you addon.py and create a zip file people can use for AppleTV  
"NOTICE: ERROR IN DATA FILE  " should only appear the very first time you start the plugin. If this happens all the time it should be addressed. The problem with this is that the startup will take a very long time.
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@sully: @Ceramicsteve:  unfortunatelyI don't own an AppleTV, so this is a little hard for me to test. Have you tried moving the folder "whimai" from  "resources/lib" to  " /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/XBMC/addons/plugin.video.giantbomb/" ?