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I found my self do the same thing a lot lately, sports game seems to work the best. Played many of seasons of NBA 2K and MLB The Show while watching Netflix or HBO. Mostly because it feels like I'm wasting my time with these game, unless I do something simultaneously... oh god am I getting to old for games :(

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Best BLLSL so far, good work guys. Also #bradshair

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Looking for help with the "Changing Lanes" trophy, any one here wanna help. PSN: BuggeX

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Well there goes that dream.

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Cassandra, Sera, and Vivienne. Always. I stumbled upon that particular combo at first just because I usually always switch around party members a lot early on in Bioware games for no real reason, but i ended up sticking with them simply because of their interactions. The way Sera's dumb jokes annoy Cassandra and the way Vivienne's pompous attitude scares Sera is fucking hilarious.

Been playing Viv, Sera and Cassandra. Cassandra and Vivienne have some interesting dialogue; Vivienne is impressed by cassandras royal lineage and really wants to see her in a dress.

Also Sera just always freaks the fuck out is seams, Cassandra has an awesome amor ability and Vivienne's teleport/fast run ability is good to get out of stick sitiuations.

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Same thing happen to me, 4-5 months ago. Lucky I did not have any credit cards attached to my account. The only thing that happen was me getting the free to play game Fifa World and two new Russian friends on my friends list.

Lucky I could recover my account by resetting the password. Changed my username, email and password.

Enable two factor auth, don't store credit card info.

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Goodbye and goodluck Patrick

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Nicly done sir

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Thank you for doing this again this year, I always find other peoples GOTY list interresting. Here is my 2 cents.

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RIP Ryan