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Nicly done sir

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Thank you for doing this again this year, I always find other peoples GOTY list interresting. Here is my 2 cents.

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RIP Ryan

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@Matt: thanks duder, glade to hear

@Buckfitches: could be interesting, maybe I will look into it if I get the time

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@sp0rkeh: Currently both the XBMC and BOXEE plugin has been replaced with the official Whiskey Media plugins. Cool to hear that you enjoyed my plugin :)

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@kyotocafe: Currently no. Whiskey Media will sone release there own plugins/apps. I have stop all development on my plugins for now.

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@Billisbrother: sound wiered, have you tried the Low video quality setting? I have an old mac mini some where will try to find it and see whats up

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@Zero_: This is  unfortunately  beyond my  abilities, but I have heard that the Whiskey guys them self is working on an app, that does just that
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@SpicyRichter: Hey, will look into it
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@sully: How it works currently on the XBMC/Plex plugin: 
1) The very first time it parse through all 3000+ videos and stores there info ( resulting in very long load times, because it req. many calls to the api ) 
2) Subsequently very time you start the the plugin after that, it only adds new videos ( results in a very short load time, because it  usually only req. 1-2 call to the api )  
Im not sure that this can be done any faster, but if you have an idea, Im all ears.
How it works on the Boxee plugin: 
1) There is no data file  
2) Start of plugins is very fast
3) Every category calls a search query in the API , a  search query gives 20 videos pr call ( load times  depend on number of videos in categorie )