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I got a massive buzz when Ryan retweeted my Bombcast poster back in 2010 (!)

I've loved comsuming his content over the years, and like many here he always made things seem brighter - a bang on sense of humour!


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@takua108: Let the T-Shirt making commence
@demontium:   *adds demontium to list of nice people that he's a bit scared of* 
@ThePantheon:  Good stuff, big thumbs up! Is it wrong to have your own artwork as your iphone wallpaper? I think that might be overstepping it a bit, leading to all kinds of douchery!
Again cheers for all the positive comments folks, good vibes abound. 
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@Skye: Cheers dude, took about 5 hours noodling in front of the computer, catching up on some Bomcast and not knowing what to do. Good times.   
@Adziboy:  Yes! Definitely post a pic of it printed and in situ. That would be awesome. 
@masternater27: Sure the Life Well Wasted podcasts are stellar, and the Olly Moss posters are sublime. I'd be lying if I said that this wasn't inspired by them in some way. 
Thanks again for the positive vibes guys, really appreciate it. I hear you regards to getting some printed copies out. I would love to do some screen printed versions, but unfortunately I don't have access  to these sorts of facilities at the moment. I would bash a few off on my home printer but I'm based in the UK and shipping stateside is a bit of a hassle to be honest. Obviously if anyone thinks they can knock up a decent screen print of this then give me a shout and I'll send you the PSD file. 
I might upload some more of my video game related artwork onto my profile, it's different to this style but it may float some people's boat... 
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Now with more sideburn action. (see original post) 

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@Karmum:  Indeed, trying to mask my sideburn prejudice with a DLC joke. 
@nanikore:  Illustrator. Plus a bit of a fiddle in Photoshop. 
Cheers for the other positive comments guys. I might go back and tweak Brad, add some side burns etc. Then post a link to a hi-res version if you fancied printing yourself out a copy. Plus this version seems to have some weird pixelated artifacts that aren't on the original. 
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@Karmum:  DLC.
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 Too much free time. Thought I'd share...  
*For anyone who's interested I've uploaded the better hi-res version here