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Is there any way to access the release date data via an ical format? Ideally I'd like to add a calendar to my google calendars which would overlay my personal and business calendars with release dates. I do this with my facebook events, and if they change in fb, it changes in my google calendar as well. This would allow me to plan my gaming schedule, and (almost ashamed to say it) vacation time in advance for big releases. I looked around on the internet but couldn't find anything similar for vgreleases etc because understandably they want you to come to their site for that information.

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There's also a Rabbid minifig later on:

Shooting it didn't do anything. I wanted a giggle, if only from Sam.
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igpx407 said:
"I think i'll be buying it. The previews seem pretty good and i'm very interested in the story and the universe they are establishing.
And they certainly seem to be putting a fair amount of work with the animated movie prequel and comic books to have it just be one game, so it appears they're banking on the success of the first game to create demand for sequels.
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There's also a 6 issue comic prequel series, which I've been collecting but not reading until I have all six. The first three issues have been converted to 'animated' comics and are available for download on xbox llive for free.

Also, I seem to remember reading somewhere that the animated movie would be shown on STARZ as well.

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Every time I see a new trailer for it or a new screen shot I'm impressed by how much I'm anticipating this title. Makes me wonder if Dead Space's pre-release momentum has anything to do with why we haven't heard much about the new aliens game.