Best Games by Year


192.2%The Witcher 3: Wild HuntPS4, XONE, PCCD Projekt Red
290.7%BloodbornePS4From Software
389.4%Batman: Arkham KnightPS4, XONE, PCRocksteady
489.1%Pillars of EternityPCObsidian Entertainment
588.5%Ori and the Blind ForestXONE, PCMoon Studios
688.0%Crypt of the NecroDancerPCBrace Yourself Games
787.7%Her StoryPCSam Barlow
887.6%Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate3DSCapcom
986.5%Cities: SkylinesPCColossal Order
1086.5%OlliOlli 2: Welcome to OlliwoodPS4, PSVitaroll7


192.4%Super Smash Bros. for Wii UWiiUNintendo
291.4%Bayonetta 2WiiUPlatinum Games
390.1%Monument ValleyiOSustwo
490.0%Shovel KnightWiiU, PC, 3DS
Yacht Club
589.8%The Last of Us: Left BehindPS3Naughty Dog
689.7%Dark Souls IIX360, PS3, PCNamco-Bandai
789.7%Dragon Age: InquisitionPS4, XONE, PCBioWare
888.4%Mario Kart 8WiiUNintendo
988.0%The Wolf Among UsX360, PS3, PC, iOSTelltale Games
1087.6%Hearthstone: Heroes of WarcraftPC, iOSBlizzard


197.0%Grand Theft Auto VX360, PS3Rockstar Games
295.1%The Last of UsPS3Naughty Dog
392.6%BioShock InfiniteX360, PS3, PCIrrational Games
492.6%Super Mario 3D WorldWiiUNintendo
592.5%Fire Emblem: Awakening3DSNintendo
690.6%The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds3DSNintendo
790.3%The Stanley ParablePCGalactic Cafe
888.9%Rayman LegendsX360, PS3, PC, WiiUUbisoft
988.8%Saints Row IVX360, PS3, PCVolition Inc.
1087.9%Pokemon X/Y3DSNintendo


292.2%Mass Effect 3X360, PS3, PC, WiiUBioWare
391.7%Xenoblade ChroniclesWiiMonolith Soft
491.5%Trials EvolutionX360RedLynx
590.5%Borderlands 2X360, PS3, PCGearbox Software
690.4%Mark of the NinjaX360, PCKlei Entertainment
790.0%Guild Wars 2PCArenaNet
889.6%DishonoredX360, PS3, PCArkane Studios
989.5%FIFA Soccer 13X360, PS3EA Sports
1089.2%XCOM: Enemy UnknownX360, PS3, PCFiraxis


195.9%Batman: Arkham CityX360, PS3, PCRocksteady
295.2%Portal 2X360, PS3, PCValve Corp.
395.2%The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimX360, PS3, PCBethesda
493.2%The Legend of Zelda: Skyward SwordWiiNintendo
692.0%LittleBigPlanet 2PS3Media Molecule
791.8%Uncharted 3: Drake's DeceptionPS3Naughty Dog
991.5%Gears of War 3X360Epic Games
1090.7%Forza Motorsport 4X360Turn-10 Studios


197.4%Super Mario Galaxy 2WiiNintendo
295.8%Mass Effect 2X360, PCBioWare
394.7%Red Dead RedemptionX360, PS3Rockstar Games
492.8%God of War IIIPS3Sony Santa Monica
592.4%StarCraft II: Wings of LibertyPCBlizzard
692.4%Rock Band 3X360, PS3Harmonix
791.8%Halo: ReachX360Bungie
891.5%World of Warcraft: CataclysmPCBlizzard
990.9%Pac-Man Championship Edition DXX360, PS3Namco-Bandai


196.4%Uncharted 2: Among ThievesPS3Naughty Dog
293.6%Street Fighter IVX360, PS3, PCCapcom
393.6%Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2X360, PS3, PCInfinity Ward
492.7%Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown WarsDS, PSPRockstar Games
592.3%Batman: Arkham AsylumX360, PS3, PCRocksteady
692.3%Forza Motorsport 3X360Turn-10 Studios
791.0%Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside StoryDSNintendo
890.7%Assassin's Creed IIX360, PS3, PCUbisoft
990.6%Dragon Age: OriginsX360, PS3, PCBioWare
1090.6%Killzone 2PS3Guerilla


197.0%Grand Theft Auto IVX360, PS3, PCRockstar Games
294.8%LittleBigPlanetPS3Media Molecule
394.0%World of GooWii, PC2D Boy
493.5%Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the PatriotsPS3Kojima Productions
593.3%Gears of War 2X360Epic Games
692.9%Fallout 3X360, PS3, PCBethesda
792.8%Super Smash Bros. BrawlWiiNintendo
892.7%World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich KingPCBlizzard
992.6%Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4PS2Atlus
1092.3%Rock Band 2X360, PS3, Wii, PS2Harmonix


197.6%Super Mario GalaxyWiiNintendo
296.4%The Orange BoxX360, PS3, PCValve Corp.
395.1%BioShockX360, PCIrrational Games
494.2%Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareX360, PS3, PCInfinity Ward
593.5%Halo 3X360Bungie
692.8%God of War IIPS2Sony Santa Monica
792.6%Galactic Civilizations II: Dark AvatarPCStardock
892.0%Rock BandX360, PS3, Wii, PS2Harmonix
991.5%World of Warcraft: The Burning CrusadePCBlizzard
1091.2%Mass EffectX360BioWare


194.6%The Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessWii, GCNNintendo
294.0%Gears of WarX360Epic Games
393.9%Company of HeroesPCRelic
493.9%The Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionX360, PCBethesda Games
692.1%Guitar Hero II
790.8%Final Fantasy XIIPS2Square-Enix
890.5%Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced WarfighterX360, PCUbisoft
989.4%GTR 2PCSimBin
1089.4%Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: VegasX360, PCUbisoft


195.9%Resident Evil 4GCN, PS2Capcom
294.0%Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos TheoryXbox, PS2, GCN, PCTeam Ninja
393.7%God of WarPS2Sony Santa Monica
493.4%Sid Meier's Civilization IVPCFiraxis
593.1%Forza MotorsportXboxTurn-10 Studios
692.0%Guitar HeroPS2Harmonix
791.4%Shadow of the ColossusPS2Team ICO
891.4%Mario Kart DSDSNintendo
991.1%World Soccer Winning Eleven 8PS2Konami
1090.4%The Legend of Zelda: The Minish CapGBANintendo


195.5%Half-Life 2PCValve Corp.
295.1%Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasPS2Rockstar Games
394.6%Halo 2XboxBungie
493.3%Burnout 3: TakedownPS2, Xbox, GCNCriterion
593.0%World Soccer Winning Eleven 7PS2Konami
692.6%Unreal Tournament 2004PCEpic Games
792.4%Ninja GaidenXboxTeam Ninja
892.4%Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora TomorrowPS2, Xbox, GCN, PCUbisoft
991.9%World of WarcraftPCBlizzard
1091.9%Metroid Prime 2: EchoesGCNRetro Studios


194.4%The Legend of Zelda: The Wind WakerGCNNintendo
294.2%Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicXbox, PCBioWare
393.3%NCAA Football 2004PS2, Xbox, GCNEA Sports
493.2%Project Gotham Racing 2XboxBizarre Creations
592.7%Prince of Persia: The Sand of TimePS2, Xbox, GCNUbisoft
692.3%SSX 3PS2, Xbox, GCNEA Canada
792.2%SoulCalibur IIPS2, Xbox, GCNNamco
891.8%Madden NFL 2004PS2, Xbox, GCN, PCEA Sports
991.5%Call of DutyPCInfinity Ward
1091.2%Viewtiful JoePS2, GCNCapcom


196.3%Metroid PrimeGCNNintendo
294.4%Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityPS2Rockstar Games
393.0%Warcraft III: Reign of ChaosPCBlizzard
492.5%Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4PS2, Xbox, GCN, PCNeversoft
592.5%Tom Clancy's Splinter CellPS2, Xbox, GCN, PCUbisoft
691.7%Timesplitters 2PS2, Xbox, GCNFree Radical
791.5%Super Mario SunshineGCNNintendo
891.4%NCAA Football 2003PS2, Xbox, GCNEA Sports
991.4%Virtua Fighter 4PS2SEGA
1091.2%Metroid FusionGBANintendo


195.5%Halo: Combat EvolvedXboxBungie
295.2%Grand Theft Auto IIIPS2Rockstar Games
395.1%Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of LibertyPS2Kojima Productions
494.5%Gran Turismo 3: A-SpecPS2Polyphony Digital
593.4%Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3PS2, GCNNeversoft
692.6%Devil May CryPS2Capcom
792.5%SSX TrickyPS2, Xbox, GCNEA Sports
892.4%Advanced WarsGBANintendo
992.3%Madden NFL 2002PS2, Xbox, GCN, PCEA Sports
1092.2%The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of AgesGBCNintendo


194.8%Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2PS, DC, PCNeversoft
294.6%Perfect DarkN64Rare
494.0%Baldur's Gate II: Shadow of AmnPCBioWare
593.8%Resident Evil Code: VeronicaDCCapcom
692.7%Final Fantasy IXPSSquareSoft
792.4%SSXPS2EA Sports
892.3%Chrono CrossPSSquareSoft
992.0%Vagrant StoryPSSquareSoft
1092.0%The Legend of Zelda: Majora's MaskN64Nintendo


293.7%Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterPSNeversoft
393.6%Unreal TournamentPCEpic Games
492.6%Super Mario Bros. DeluxeGBCNintendo
592.4%Gran Turismo 2PSPolyphony Digital
692.0%System Shock 2PCIrrational Games
791.9%Sid Meier's Alpha CentauriPCFiraxis Games
891.8%Age of Empires II: The Age of KingsPCEnsemble Studios
991.8%Crash Team RacingPSNaughty Dog
1091.6%FreeSpace 2PCVolition Inc.


197.6%The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeN64NintendoNintendo
296.3%Tekken 3PSNamcoNamco
395.1%Gran TurismoPSPolyphony DigitalSCE
494.3%Half-LifePCValveValve Corp.
593.8%Metal Gear SolidPSKojima ProductionsKonami
792.8%Grim FandangoPCLucasArtsLucasArts
892.6%Resident Evil 2PSCapcomCapcom
1091.9%Baldur's GatePCBioWareInterplay


194.6%GoldenEye 007N64RareNintendo
293.0%Castlevania: Symphony of the NightPSKonamiSCE
392.6%Colony WarsPSPsygnosisSCE
492.4%Final Fantasy VIIPSSquareSoftSquare-Enix
592.2%Dungeon KeeperPCBullfrogElectronic Arts
691.5%Soul BladePSProject SoulNamco
790.0%NFL Gameday 98PS989 StudiosSCE
889.9%The Curse of Monkey IslandPCLucasArtsLucasArts
989.7%FalloutPCBlack IsleInterplay


196.4%Super Mario 64N64NintendoNintendo
294.6%WipeOut XLPSPsychosisSCE
393.2%QuakePCid Softwareid Software
492.5%Tekken 2PSNamcoNamco
591.7%Tomb RaiderPS, PCCore DesignEidos
691.3%Sid Meier's Civilization IIPCMPS LabsMicroPose
790.9%Command & Conquer: Red AlertPCWestwood StudiosVirgin Interactive
890.7%Wave Race 64N64NintendoNintendo
990.5%Realms of the HauntingPCGremlin InteractiveInterplay
1089.6%Dragon ForceSATSEGASEGA


- Game scores are taken from

- Games must have at least 20 reviews to count from 2001-Present. 2000 and earlier need at least 10 reviews.

- Dates are North American only.

- Lists do not include the following:

  • Games which have been released in a previous year. (Example: BioShock was released on the X360 and PC in 2007, but on the PS3 in 2008)
  • Remakes of old games. (Examples: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, The Last of Us Remastered)
  • HD collections. (Examples: God of War Collection, Prince of Persia Trilogy, ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, Metal Gear Solid Collection)
  • Other collections of old games. (Example: Metroid Prime Trilogy)
  • Re-releases of old games with added content. (Examples: Super Street Fighter IV, Persona 4: Golden)

- The best score is taken if the game has appeared on more than one platform. Grand Theft Auto V, for example, is a 97.0% on the PS3, but only 96.2% on the Xbox 360. The PlayStation 3 version is the score taken. This is to clear the mess of multiplatform games on the list.

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