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I will say Kingdoms of Amalur, too. I think that game was way too long and had way too many side quests.

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I want this right now.

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Brad is a better host than Jeff so... I'd like to see them keep with it.

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I like them too but it seems like Giant Bomb has completely done away with them. Quick Looks basically fill the same role.

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Well, it depends on what I'm wearing. If I'm wearing jeans, I don't want to unbuckle my belt, so I go through the fly.

When I'm wearing pyjamas or underwear, though, it's up and over every time.

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One time the game crashed on me when I was fighting a giant mech/tank thing with a couple of other people, but it didn't crash to the menu or anything, it straight-up glitched and went all yellow and purple. It was weird! I had to reboot my PS4. Other than that I never had any problems.

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The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition look pretty stunning. Those games are definitely next gen to me.

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IGN continues to be trash.

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For me, there were 4 things preventing the DS3 from being the best controller I've ever used.

  • Loose, slippery analog sticks
  • Mushy, unreliable L2/R2 triggers
  • Short handle grips
  • Mushy face buttons

With the DS4, they fixed every single one of those issues, and improved the D-pad. It is the best controller I have ever used.

Yup! I 100% agree with this. I absolutely hated the DualShock 3.

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I have both an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and I like the Dualshock 4 a little more. I think the sticks feel better and the D-Pad is really nice. The Xbone controller is nothing to sneeze at, though, I just hate the new bumpers. They feel super awkward and they're very difficult to hold in (like when I used the binoculars in Black Flag). The only problem with the DS4 is that the battery life is absolutely dreadful. I can play for about 4 hours before it needs charging, though I have dimmed the light bar since the update. Maybe it lasts longer now, I dunno.