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Just beat it myself, solid game but if this is the game of the year it will have been a weak year.

It's been a terrible year for video games, IMO. Shadow of Mordor is probably my second favourite game next to Dark Souls II, but it wouldn't even crack my top 10 in basically any other year.

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I think he'll have the most trouble with Solidus.

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Dan has gotten better and more likeable after every podcast/quick look he does.

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I will say Kingdoms of Amalur, too. I think that game was way too long and had way too many side quests.

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I want this right now.

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Brad is a better host than Jeff so... I'd like to see them keep with it.

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I like them too but it seems like Giant Bomb has completely done away with them. Quick Looks basically fill the same role.

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Well, it depends on what I'm wearing. If I'm wearing jeans, I don't want to unbuckle my belt, so I go through the fly.

When I'm wearing pyjamas or underwear, though, it's up and over every time.

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One time the game crashed on me when I was fighting a giant mech/tank thing with a couple of other people, but it didn't crash to the menu or anything, it straight-up glitched and went all yellow and purple. It was weird! I had to reboot my PS4. Other than that I never had any problems.

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The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition look pretty stunning. Those games are definitely next gen to me.