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I remember being able to change the site's settings from Dark and Light but it doesn't look like it's still there.

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I use my HDTV as both a monitor and a TV as it has inputs for VGA, Component, Composit, S-Video and RFU.

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MattyFTM said:
That's not a denial."
No, it's not.

 *hangs head in shame*
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Don't be shamed for liking TMNT for NES. I was raised on that game.

All good games have their issues, a good gamer won't let a game's faults distract them from realizing a fantastic game.

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I had this discussion with my brother yesterday.

I do it because I rarely come across anybody who has strong opinions about the videogame medium. Web forums are a place where game enthusiasts can share their thoughts and opinions, even better, we all come from different demographics and walks of life. I think this makes the conversation diverse and the posters in the forum interesting.

I get a kick out of what people think. Everybody's a wierdo (everyone who plays games anyways) so it's always good fun.

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Yes, I still collect.

Though, I used to collect only rare and hard-to-find games. Instead, I now collect only games that I truly enjoy playing. This way, every game I own, I like.

I think it's more important to have good games around than rare ones.

I don't trade in my games either.

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Quick! Get a towel!

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Steve_Evil said:
This wins.

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LiquidPrince said:
"Bullet_Jr said:
"It's what I call my wang."
Because you're really fast right?"
Har dee har har.
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I only have a few VC games, not enough to warrant getting an HDD.

I'll have to learn more before I can make a decision on this.

Is it just me, or is Nintendo becoming the new Sega?