My PS3 might be dying.

I've had this fat 40gb PS3 for almost 2.5 years now and it has been working perfectly, until now. 
It's been turning itself off on it's own. It's happened a couple of times now. Even in middle of a game it just off's itself without any kind of warning. Pressing the PS button won't switch it back on, I have to press the button on the machine. Also, Assault On Dark Athena started showing all sorts of jankiness today, but that could be just the game's fault. And just regular freezing in games is happening more frequently than it probably should.   
All of this started happening after the 3.40 system update. Could that be the reason? 
Should I start thinking about buying a new PS3? I honestly have no idea if it's the broken or not, so I could use a bit of help. Have any of you had any similar experiences? 

Posted by mazik765

I think you might need to look into getting a new one. My 360 has begun showing similar symptoms in it's old age (about the same as your PS3; 2.5-3 years I've had my 360). The system has trouble reading games that my sisters more recent 360 has no trouble playing and will sometimes crash out mid game telling me that the disk has an error on it.

Posted by kingkorn69

Lay it to rest and never buy one again they are horrid systems! I can't stand them and it is only my opion!!!!

Posted by BulletproofMonk
@mazik765: Yeah I've thinking about buying a new one sometimes soon. 
Posted by MetalGearSunny

Same thing happened to me about a year ago, your best bet is to just get it replaced.

Posted by Mrskidders
@BulletproofMonk: Mine did a similar thing and I retired it and got a slim.  It isn't going to get any better.  Damn new fangled technology!
Posted by BulletproofMonk

Thanks for the responses. I guess it's time for a new PS3. 

Posted by Mrskidders
@BulletproofMonk: Don't forget there is a white one coming out soon if that is the kind of things that tickles your fancy.
Posted by Alucard_N7

same thing happened to my Ps3 2weeks ago. then i got the bright yellow light and so long Ps3, R.I.P.   I suggest u back up your data while u can!

Posted by BulletproofMonk
@Mrskidders: That would be nice. But it's still in Japan only, right?
Posted by Mrskidders
@BulletproofMonk: Yeh, it ships in Japan on July 29th so god knows when the rest of the word will get it.  Just by a black one and dip it in house paint.
Posted by Spoonman671

I've heard good things about this site, but I cannot personally vouch for it.
My brother had a similar problem with his PS3, but he ended up just getting a new one.

Posted by chililili

Get it replaced or sell it to someone and buy another.