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FEZ, Hitman: Absolution, Antichamber, Dyad, Chivalry, System Shock 2 and Trials Evolution. Already more than I planned to buy.

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It was around 8pm last night when I read the news. I had a pint of Ben & Jerry's that I bought earlier that day, and was getting ready to continue my second playthrough of The Last of Us. Waiting for my PS3 to boot up, I decided to check Twitter. The first thing I saw was IGN's Greg Miller tweeting a link to a Giant Bomb article and saying how sad he was, and how Ryan will be missed. I freaked out. Was Ryan leaving the site? What the hell's going on?

I clicked the link and saw the words "Ryan Davis, 1979-2013"

I started shaking in my bed. I could not believe what I was reading. The guy got married a week ago. He was on his honey moon. Like some others, I immediately thought that this had to be some kind of a sick joke. This can't be happening. I shut off the PS3, and kept reading Twitter and realized this was for real. He's gone. I lied in my bed, unable to move or think clearly. After a while, I collected my thoughts, and spent the rest of that night going through the forums, reading his colleagues' obituaries and watching as many videos him as I could handle, alternating between laughing my ass off and bawling my eyes out.

The closest personal memory I have of Ryan is of that one time he re-tweeted my picture of my first member shirt, the Lincoln Force one, arriving. I then went on to thank him and Daniel Miesner for the quick delivery. It saddens me to my core that I never got to meet him face-to-face. He always seemed like the kind of person I would love to sit down with for beers, just discussing shooting the shit about games, movies and music. He was one of the smartest, funniest, wittiest people this industry has ever seen.

I'll miss you, Ryan. Thanks for everything.

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Love him. Still need to watch S3 of Louie.

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Every scene with her and Bill is gold.

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@_chad said:

"I know, I know hop on the fucking pallet."


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Just over 17 hours.

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Tomas Haake, Blake Richardson, Mario Duplantier.

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I'll take Dear Esther.

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Spinach soup is amazing.

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Don't really care. Clicking the Forums button is faster than scrolling to the bottom of the page.