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I got an Nintendo 64 for Christmas when I was around 5 or 6, my first games were like, Mario Kart 64 and Star Wars Podracing... at least I remember those very well. The one game above all that I loved, was Diddy Kong Racing, I still play that shit like, every year.

Then, the Gameboy Color and Pokemon Silver were introduced into my life. I dumped so many hours into the Game Boy Color (translucent purple) its probably pretty sad. Despite this, I have never owned another Nintendo Handheld or Pokemon Game (though I have emulated nearly every single one).The Playstation 2 was my next console, birthday gift. I think this marks the period where my parents got me absolutely crazy amounts of videogames, and I hardly finished any of them. I'd say that racing games marked most of what I was playing through this period, ditto for the N64. Halo 2. Halo 2 changed everything for me. I was babysitting these kids who had it, brand new. Heard of the game before, never played it. Never even touched an Xbox controller.I whooped their asses. I could continue, really, but from Halo 2. It becomes really easy to trace. First FPS, leads to more FPS, which, eventually leads to The Orange Box, which opens the floodgates to PC gaming.