Red vs. Blue: A Retrospective [Part One]

It’s been five years since I’ve really cared about anything Rooster Teeth has made. Five years ago Red vs. Blue Season Five concluded, and I was under the impression that Red vs. Blue was over for good. Since then, the occasional Achievement Hunter video was all I would watch from Rooster Teeth. I only recently found out that Red vs. Blue Season Ten had been released in 2012, and I was interested if the quality of the show had been maintained all these years. I got mixed responses from Reddit; some people claimed that what the show gained in production quality it lost in humor, others assured me that Red vs. Blue is as funny as it has ever been – and others said that the show became more serious and it just wasn’t for them anymore. Either way I got the idea to go back to the First Season, and do a re-watch of Red vs. Blue.

Red vs. Blue Season One still holds up, it’s still funny, and it’s surprisingly not-cringeworthy. All too often I go back and experience things from the internet’s past to only find that what I once thought was funny was now embarrassing to watch. Not the case with Red vs. Blue Season One. I mean, it wasn’t “ha-ha” funny like it used to be, but I smiled, chuckled in my head, and moved on. I appreciated it a whole lot more than I probably used to, the whole thing feels like a labor of love – and the humor is timeless, non-dependent on topical references and jokes – just your typical sitcom archetypes (but in the most endearing ways).

If you’re like me and haven’t seen Red vs. Blue in a really, really long time – don’t be afraid to check it out again, it hasn’t depreciated in quality. And well, if you’ve never seen it before – Red vs. Blue Season One doesn’t take very long to watch and even if you don’t find it very funny, I do think it’s an important part of internet history to at least be familiar with.

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The fanbase and appreciation of Red vs Blue has always been bizarre to me. No matter how much production and motion capture go into it I always feel like it's being made by a teenage boy in his bedroom.

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The action scenes from seasons 9 and 10 (or what I've seen of them) seem straight out of my 12-year-old imagination, but the humor of the first few seasons so far can be relatively clever.

EDIT: I mean to say that, I could have thought of those fight scenes when I was 12, I am in fact - not 12.