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I remember now! How can any game but Shadow of Mordor win GOTY?

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I'm excited to "bump" into you in New York.

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The action scenes from seasons 9 and 10 (or what I've seen of them) seem straight out of my 12-year-old imagination, but the humor of the first few seasons so far can be relatively clever.

EDIT: I mean to say that, I could have thought of those fight scenes when I was 12, I am in fact - not 12.

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Just Cause 2 is a game that is closing in fast on it's third year, and yet I still love to jump in and devote hours and hours of playtime into it. After 80+ Hours of dicking around Panau I decided to try and make some progress in the game's Mercenary Mode, where really the only goal is to go wipe out/capture every military base and collect every single box that's just lying around the world. I'm at around 42 percent, and I can guarantee you that making it to 50 percent will likely be a 10+ hour endeavor, and not as much fun as just dicking around - but hey, the completionist in me loves it.

Just Cause 2 is a game who's lifespan is also being extended by whomever is behind this incredible multiplayer mod over at https://www.jc-mp.com/

I was made aware of the open beta that was taking place this weekend a good 24 hours into it's 48 hour time limit, and boy - was it incredible. I mean, it's glitchy as hell but - who can care when you consider the scope of what's going on. I don't know if there are a hundred Rico Rodriguez-es running around but it feels like it. Teleport over to the Panau International Airport and absolute mayhem ensues. Airplanes nosediving into the ground, speedboats slamming into the side of 747's, dudes in sweet cars spinning donuts on the runway. I mean, it's just amazing.

I didn't check many details on the development of the mod, but my full thanks go out to them - Just Cause 2 is a game that I'd easily sink over a hundred hours into - and easily over two-hundred if the multiplayer servers go full-time.

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You know what? I'd totally sink another 100+ hours into any/all Halo games if they were on steam. I just experience Halo: CE LAN the other day, and I'm ready for more massive PC Halo games.

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Patrick should have kept the first reporting of the bust a purely factual piece, as the disdain from that article is clearly carrying over to this one. This piece is incredibly more important and in the vain of Giant Bomb's nature, and if anyone has a knee-jerk reaction to seeing Patrick's name on an article and immediately dismissing it as a one-sided high-horse editorial piece, I urge you to read carefully into each of the eight accounts - there's good stuff here. There's Giant Bomb here.

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I played the Demo for an hour. Pretty addicting stuff, even without Pedals and a Wheel. 35 bucks though? I might be able to do that, yeah.

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@JohnDudebro: Yup, though I can't speak for how Popeye's was 5-6 years ago which sounds like the last time any of them had any.

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