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Ten Years Later, Still Holding Up! 0

Half Life 2 turned 10 this year, though it was only 7 years ago that I first played it in The Orange Box. So, how is City 17 holding up?Well, for a game that's 10 years old I was still impressed by the visuals. It does some things better than even newer games, water for instance. Why does the water in Half Life 2 look better than the water in Skyrim? Some of it is visual trickery on the part of the Source Engine. According to developer commentary the water is rendered three times. 1) The reflec...

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Almost Perfect Old-School Gem 0

You start Metal Storm because you hear that it has a quirky gravity trick - you finish Metal Storm because of the well thought out and creative level design. So here's how Metal Storm works - its your basic NES side-scrolling shooter where you roll your character from Point A to Point B and fight a boss at the end of each level, but here's the catch - at any point in the game you can reverse gravity.   Reversing gravity is a cool gameplay concept that was certainly ahead of its time, it adds a n...

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