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I watch everything except Dota stuff and anything involving wrestling.

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A few more.

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Really loving the photomode. I just started my second playthrough and everything is taking forever because I'm constantly stopping to take a photo.

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I just noticed that there's no sound on any audio only content on the site if I'm using Safari. The progress bar is moving and the playing animation appears but there's no sound. There's no problem with any other content or with other browser. I'm using OS X 10.9 and Safari version 7.0

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PSN ID: Bullitus

Timezone UTC/GMT +2 (Finland)

Launch games: AC4, Killzone, Knack (or Need for Speed, haven't decided yet) and PS+ games.

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The GC support was removed from the latest Wii version. So if your brother's Wii doesn't have ports for GC controllers then the games will not work.

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Never really. I only restart my Mac Mini for system updates but otherwise it only goes to sleep. My latest uptime was something like 70 days.

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I loved everything in Alan Wake. Except maybe the DLCs. Those weren't great.

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These are awesome. I'll be using one of these as a wallpaper for a looooong time.

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Nope, Finnish is.