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Good riddance.

I'll be kinda sad when this happens to the Rock Band store, tho.

I'll be there with my "Good Riddance" post ready.

Any particular reason why? Does this affect you in any way? Or do you just like to be super negative on the internet? Because that's such an original POV.

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Personally, it'd get me to actually play a couple JRPGs... Chrono Trigger is literally the only one I've ever played to completion, and the sole reason I've not played more is length. They clearly don't need to make them all that short, but every once in a while would be nice. JRPGs can be a ton of fun! Just not for 175 hours...

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First, congrats on getting a new computer! It's always exciting!

Second, I highly recommend the site PC Part Picker! It allows you pick each individual part you want, checks to make sure it's all compatible, then gives you prices from several online sites. Suuuuuper handy and it lets you do the following:

Thirdly, here's the list of parts I used to make my rig that I just built at the beginning of the month: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Bumpton/saved/3aDp. I absolutely love it. I haven't had a new gaming pc in years and it works great. (Side note: building pc's is way the fuck easier than it used to be!) I didn't need a monitor, OS, mouse, keyboard, or speakers, so it's kinda just the bare essentials, but it looks kinda like what you're looking for! Granted, the price on this one is a little higher (~$960), but some tinkering can get it a closer to your ideal price. (Maybe slightly cheaper gfx card and lose the ssd?)

Anyway, best of luck! Hope this helped at least a bit!

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Seems a little silly to include those dumb iOS and Facebook games... Of course those aren't going to be worth a damn, and it makes the good to bad ratio a little stilted. That being said, I agree for the most part! I never did play 3 though... Always wanted to at least check it out and see for myself why everyone complained about it. I mean, it can't be that bad, can it?

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I am of the rare breed that liked 1 the most , with AC2 I said "fuck it , no longer playing these". Never looked back

That's literally the only time I've heard anyone say that! Just out of curiosity, what turned you off?

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I vote Zelda! Though, admittedly, it's only because I want to play that one the most. It's probably the shortest too... I prefer to knock out the shorter ones first, personally.

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Man, I don't even particularly like competitive FPSs, but I thought that was fun as hell to watch!

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While it all sounds good and been a long time ignored, it will be ultimately the attitude and mood of GB when you are showing off an early title. I moved on to a lot of Lets Play videos that have been doing this for over a year and the individuals(s) presenting these games are excited to show and play them. And this isnt watching a 20 minute quick look, these are multiple shows of one game that were ENTERTAINING each time. And what else has it done, its got me to add games in to my steam wishlist or bought games i had never heard prior to watching. That is your competition and its growing. You all have that ability but if this just more of the same to fill space it wont be successful. I really hope this is something GB wants to do and not following what everyone else is doing.

Endurance Runs, Breaking Brad and Load Our Last Save all do exactly what you just described. I think GB is successful because they don't tie themselves down to one specific thing. I love me some Endurance Runs, but I return to GB because of the personalities. And I'm sure I'm not the only one that finds the vast majority of Youtubers to be really grating and irritating... I think these are very similar but different audiences.

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This might be too revolutionary of a thought, but if you don't like it... maybe don't play it?

Why are people so dependent on other folks opinions? I thought BI was great and I loved the intro, so if you don't, my views obviously don't apply.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Get outta here with your logical thought process! 'Round these parts we laugh at and make fun of people with different opinions!

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By that very limited definition, no, it's not a game. There is no "lose" state. But there's not one in the majority of adventure games.

If you consider Myst a game, then yes, this is absolutely a game.

More importantly though, who cares? There's really no better way to market something like this, and a lot of people (myself included) loved the hell out of it.