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Uhh, what? It seems suuuuper obvious that she's making a joke about replacing Jon Stewart on the Daily Show.

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It's amazing and terrible. I'm honored and disgusted to have my initials in there.

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14.3 million. Do you think Michael Mann will ever make another great movie? He's getting to that age where the odds are beginning to turn against him. I'll always have heat and collateral, I guess...

And The Insider, which is incredible! Unfortunately, I have to agree with you... I really can't imagine him creating another gem.

That said, I'm still guessing a little high: $20 mil

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How unexpected! Super curious what prompted this/where he'll end up...

Thanks for all the scoops!

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Call of Duty as #1. What the hell. This year was weird.

It's a fantastic game, nothing weird about it.

It's definitely a good version of a game that came out 7 years ago.

Well, now you're just being purposefully obtuse. If you don't like CoD games, that's fine; I don't either. But clearly there's something there that grabbed Jeff's attention, and you have to be trolling to imply that the series has made little-to-no progress in 7 years.

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@bartok: Dude, that is almost exactly the same list I'd make (down to the number placement!). The Warriors is dreadfully underrated. The only one I may have switched was Streets of Rage 3 for 2. But that's just nostalgia since it was the first console game I owned. Oh, and I may have to squeeze X-Men in there somewhere, just because I'm a giant comic nerd.

Anyway, let me know if you need a co-op partner!

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lmao user reviews with ratings

sorry you hate things man

Haha, what? Are user reviews just not supposed to have ratings? Is that some Holy Grail that only media outlets are supposed to use?

Dude's just voicing his opinion, which is what these forums are for.

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@bumpton: Galak-Z

It's not out yet.

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Nailed it with surprising speed! Thank you very much. Knew it wasn't out but want to keep an eye on it!

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I've got one for you guys!

It's been shown off at GB at least a couple times. You pilot a spaceship and takes presentation cues from old school anime. Appears to handle a bit like Asteroid, where you spin your ship around and then boost in a particular direction. The gameplay I saw had enemy ships on patrol that could be avoided or engaged. I think there were also different enemy factions that would fight each other.

It was on GB fairly recently (maybe a couple months ago...?) Always thought it looked super fun!