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@bumpton: tried to have the ears poke out, but it did look right.

Awesome! Thanks, duder!

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Oooooh, I want one too pleeeeeaase!

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@bartok I used to feel the exact same way! I've gotten way more used to it though and it doesn't really bother me now. Here's what I think did it: I realized that the people doing the advertising aren't great at advertising.

Jeff has a hell of an announcer voice, can make the ads funny, and add music to them. However, it's never going to be as polished, scripted, and produced as ads you hear on the radio or see on TV. The companies are paying random people that likely don't care about their product (thus, they're not as excited) to sell to the listeners. It's just a strange disconnect.

What's great about the Giant Bombcast at least is that they don't pretend to endorse the product themselves and they don't receive free product. Aside from letting the company produce and play regular radio ads on a podcast, I think that's about as clean and non-sellout as we can get. When the podcast hosts start talking about how much they personally love the product, it's hard not to lose a bit of respect for them; it's super fake sounding.

@sublime To be fair, I don't think he's being nearly as dramatic as you make him out to be. To me, it sounded like he was just wondering why podcast ads sound so weird. I've not listened to Bill Burr's podcast so I can't say for sure, but if I heard him publicly, personally endorsing underwear, I'd think it's super strange and out of character. Hence why I like the GB ads.

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@mrsensible: @bane:
Awesome! Thanks, guys! I was definitely already eyeballing that level 2 Scrapper perk...

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This is maybe a silly question, so sorry if it's already been answered!

I keep reading that certain junk is in really short supply when it comes to crafting. I'm early on still so I'd like to mark the important stuff for search right away! Can you guys suggest what junk items in particular I should tag? The only two I see repeatedly are screws and adhesive. Any others?

Also, is there a way to tag specific components? I only see the option to tag when trying to craft and I don't have the item. I'm on PC, btw.

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That's a pretty interesting concept... Makes me want to play some of those games you mentioned if only to test your speculations!

Only thing that comes to mind for me is Half-Life 2. I know it's just part of the campaign, but when your gravity gun gets supercharged, it's just plain awesome/exciting. Easily the most excited I ever got about just a weapon in a game!

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You seem weirdly upset by a card game that is several years old... "Don't like it, don't play it!" is my motto!

My group of friends definitely got WAY more than one play out of it. We still bust it out occasionally, but yeah, eventually you "get" the joke or something. To be fair, that's how a huge number of games are. Eventually you just move on to something else.

I know zero about Tempkin other than his appearances on GB and he seemed like a funny dude then!

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Guitar Hero Van Halen the drums part.

Wut? I think you mean Def Leppard...? The drummer from Def Leppard only has one arm!

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You made me curious enough to look it up. This is rankings by traffic. No clue about the money/revenue end of things. http://www.ebizmba.com/articles/video-game-websites

TL;DR: #1 is IGN, #3 is GameSpot, #9 is Giant Bomb

Out of curiosity, what'd you mean by "we probably don't have much to worry about"? I wasn't planning on worrying in the first place! hah

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Skippy, Doc, Ginny, Lurby, Wubby, and Ollie.

Edit: I don't actually have 6 dogs. Ginny and Ollie are current dogs, and the rest have passed.