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lmao user reviews with ratings

sorry you hate things man

Haha, what? Are user reviews just not supposed to have ratings? Is that some Holy Grail that only media outlets are supposed to use?

Dude's just voicing his opinion, which is what these forums are for.

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@bumpton: Galak-Z

It's not out yet.

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Nailed it with surprising speed! Thank you very much. Knew it wasn't out but want to keep an eye on it!

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I've got one for you guys!

It's been shown off at GB at least a couple times. You pilot a spaceship and takes presentation cues from old school anime. Appears to handle a bit like Asteroid, where you spin your ship around and then boost in a particular direction. The gameplay I saw had enemy ships on patrol that could be avoided or engaged. I think there were also different enemy factions that would fight each other.

It was on GB fairly recently (maybe a couple months ago...?) Always thought it looked super fun!

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Unfortunately, I don't have a current gen console yet, so I was waiting for a PC release. But the lack of hood cam is a super bummer! When doing important missions, I'd typically use 3rd person, but anytime I was just goofing around, it was always with hood cam.

I agree 100% with your thought process (the tv is the windscreen, seeing the dash is more of a novelty). I think the hood is as immersive as all get out. To each their own though. I totally understand that some people wouldn't like it.

I just hope it's added back in by January...

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What the heck? I'll throw my name in the hat!

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All I know is that I no longer have to look at Early Access games, and that's a feature I've been hoping for for a long time! That's pretty great.

Also like the prominence of the user reviews. Kinda nice to get a quick idea of if the game is generally like or not.

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Know what they need to play on UPF sometime? Mothereffin' Deathrow. So underrated. That game was fun as hell.

I won't partake in the whole "classic system" debate, but I certainly agree that the Xbox is underappreciated. The PS2 simply eclipsed it in the game department. But like other have said, there were some gems! Fable, Halo, MechAssault, Splinter Cell, Riddick, Mercenaries, KotOR, Ninja Gaiden, Burnout, etc. Yeah, some of those were on PS2, but damn if they didn't look great on Xbox...

Maybe I'm crazy, but one of my biggest gaming regrets is not dropping the cash on Steel Battalion...

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I'm a big fan of women in comics! But I'm also a huge Thor fan... I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this yet.

All I know is they better have a badass writer lined up! And I hope they treat her like the God of Thunder appropriately. I don't want to suddenly see the men swooning over her or anything...

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I only sorta barely know Ryckert and don't know O-Stryker at all, but I'm stoked for new duders! I've been going crazy wondering who they'd pick ever since it was mentioned (months ago?!)!

All the best to the new crew, and I can't wait to see them show up on the first UPF! (Haven't had a chance to listen to the new podcast yet either, so I'm curious how they gel)