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" So I recently watched a very good anime called Spice and Wolf on Hulu (subbed, hate English dubs). It was a really fun romantic comedy-style anime focusing on a peddler's run-in with a pagan god, the plot focusing primarily on his trade dealings with cutthroat merchant rivals with just the right amounts of sexual tension and suspense to make me watch 2 seasons of it back-to-back. Unfortunately, the series just ends at season 2 with no season 3 in sight. I feel like I've been dumped on my ass with no closure, and I need some really good anime with similarly lovable characters and interesting plot to distract me this weekend. Anyone got some good suggestions? Preferably something I could watch on Hulu, although I guess I could find just about anything in the recesses of the Internet so long as it's .avi format. "

If you're looking for an anime with likable/lovable characters and a good plot, there are too many to list really without knowing what other anime you've seen. Also, have you seen the Spice and Wolf OVAs? I would also jokingly recommend Code Geass, but I'm not sure you'd get the joke. "

i'd seriously recommend code gease, words cannot describe how hammy/fun to watch that show is.

The only good thing about Code Geass is laughing at the scenes that are there solely to sell you pizza hut.

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100 bucks loaded into steam wallet.

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I'm watching the Treehouse stream but I don't know if I'm really liking what I see yet. Anyone else?

Not liking it. Looks like a mess. They tried too hard with the "american comic book" style and please, no more comic sans. Don't care if it's a comic book game, it's just ugly. Also not convinced that the game is potentially fun to play yet.

It's mostly the art style for me too I think.

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I'm watching the Treehouse stream but I don't know if I'm really liking what I see yet. Anyone else?

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Thought this was going to be a Kanye thread.

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@liquidprince: No I didn't even know there was a holographic one.

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The original looks nice. The gold on the new one reminds me of how cheap the boxart for Skyward Sword looks. For some reason I thought it was printed out of someones cheap home printer the first time I bought it.

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I have the problem where you sit on the difficulty selection screen for an hour and can't decide for yourself.

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Use your wii to play the superior gamecube versions of Twilight Princess, and Metroid Prime.

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Happy b day man! Hope you're rocking the eternal summer jams!