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Tie between 2 and 3. The feeling of uneasiness and dread they convey is just great, like the game is whispering that "you're safe... but not for long!".

Bonus video! I've said this in another thread, but the main menu/character creation theme in Dark Souls really resembles the calmer save room themes from Resident Evil.

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I always thought this sounded familiar!

I'm most nostalgic for CV(X) or 4 probably, but I chose 2 because I thought it fit too perfectly after listening to them all. It was very close between that and the original.

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" @jmrwacko said:

" So I recently watched a very good anime called Spice and Wolf on Hulu (subbed, hate English dubs). It was a really fun romantic comedy-style anime focusing on a peddler's run-in with a pagan god, the plot focusing primarily on his trade dealings with cutthroat merchant rivals with just the right amounts of sexual tension and suspense to make me watch 2 seasons of it back-to-back. Unfortunately, the series just ends at season 2 with no season 3 in sight. I feel like I've been dumped on my ass with no closure, and I need some really good anime with similarly lovable characters and interesting plot to distract me this weekend. Anyone got some good suggestions? Preferably something I could watch on Hulu, although I guess I could find just about anything in the recesses of the Internet so long as it's .avi format. "

If you're looking for an anime with likable/lovable characters and a good plot, there are too many to list really without knowing what other anime you've seen. Also, have you seen the Spice and Wolf OVAs? I would also jokingly recommend Code Geass, but I'm not sure you'd get the joke. "

i'd seriously recommend code gease, words cannot describe how hammy/fun to watch that show is.

The only good thing about Code Geass is laughing at the scenes that are there solely to sell you pizza hut.

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100 bucks loaded into steam wallet.

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I'm watching the Treehouse stream but I don't know if I'm really liking what I see yet. Anyone else?

Not liking it. Looks like a mess. They tried too hard with the "american comic book" style and please, no more comic sans. Don't care if it's a comic book game, it's just ugly. Also not convinced that the game is potentially fun to play yet.

It's mostly the art style for me too I think.

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I'm watching the Treehouse stream but I don't know if I'm really liking what I see yet. Anyone else?

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Thought this was going to be a Kanye thread.

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@liquidprince: No I didn't even know there was a holographic one.

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The original looks nice. The gold on the new one reminds me of how cheap the boxart for Skyward Sword looks. For some reason I thought it was printed out of someones cheap home printer the first time I bought it.

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I have the problem where you sit on the difficulty selection screen for an hour and can't decide for yourself.

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Use your wii to play the superior gamecube versions of Twilight Princess, and Metroid Prime.