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This is just absolutely tragic. Just the worst news I could have ever imagined to get from Giantbomb. The pure injustice of it all is just soul-crushing.

Rest in peace Ryan. You will, forever, be missed.

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@crash_happy: It's actually pretty simple. The reason they keep pushing the "Cloud" feature is because they own it. It's called, Windows Azure and Wikipedia explains it pretty well. The cloud isn't really there to do amazing things for games that's merely a bonus, they just want as many people using it, either directly or by proxy. Then they can use the numbers to drum up more investors, brag about size, gain market share and what have you.

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If I remember correctly anything less than 80 percent either way gets Wrex killed.
Why would you let that happen, you monster?

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@Bassman2112: You're thinking of the wrong lady. This one was an editor at Gamespot with the Giantbomb crew. She later went on to work at Acclaim. Then Warhammer Online.
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@jozzy: Perhaps if you were to Quickly Look a the video for Jackie Chan's Fists of Fire you would hear the answer.
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@Pop: You could say he's the voice of You Don't Know Jack. If you can figure it out you should give yourself a cookie. 
@Management: They became famous for their iconic green space marine. Later on they added 5 more.
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For it's a jolly good fellow...that nobody can deny!