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I know its going to be disappointing but I'm going to tell you the harsh truth. You can play as a dinosaur but you will never ride one in this game TT. It crushes my soul just thinking about it.
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What? Why do the Nazis get all the cool ass dinosaurs. Why can't the allies have that. Unless you're playing the Nazis and riding the dinosaurs this game is the WORST!

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It will probably be like every other launch party. Ten or Twelve guys waiting in the cold watching Youtube on their phones, then immediately leaving once they have the game.

Unless you're at the Gamestop next to the Gearbox office, that one might be interesting.

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I had to punch a pregnant lady to get this ticket but it was well worth it. Nothing stops me from getting on this awesome X-press!

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@Doctorchimp said:

" @BunkerBuster:   Fuck that. I live in Long Beach and when I first moved here and looked at places I was about to move in a nice apartment until I saw what the fuck I had to go through with Charter. That shit's robbery.   So I moved more downtown just to get into an area that had more options, they still send out flyers in my neighborhood though and my eyes roll into my head when I see what they're selling. They're going out of business soonish from what I hear, like a big broadband company is going to buy their contract area and install their network like Time Warner or something.   That company is just a bunch of people that don't have the intelligence or money to compete in technology. "

Yep, let's all take this moment to thank our leaders for subsidized monopolies, if it wasn't Charter it would be Comcast.  
The worst part is that I constantly get leaflets for Verizon's FiOS telling me how great it is but the cut-off is nowhere near where I live. It's the most frustrating cock-tease ever.
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If our next president was a devout Unitologist, shit would be awesome. 

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I was thinking of using my car but this train is so much nicer. 

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 If I've been very very good it goes to 9!
Thank you Charter for giving me the pleasure of paying you forty-five dollars for your terrible internet "service".
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Oh man, we only need 100 more. This Quest can't possibly fail, my sanity won't allow it to fail.

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You should include a Tau paragraph in your race list that just says "Fuck you Relic, I hope you burn in shit!" Well, that's what I would do.