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@ShadowSkill11:  Actually, you do need the glasses.  
See that part in the middle where they say   (NOTE: the 3D Vision IR emitter is required to activate 3DTV Play software on your PC.) 
That emitter is for the glasses. It serves no other purpose.
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If you're going to go that far you might as well speed-run the game while you're at it.  
Anyway, good luck, I'm sure you'll need it.
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Cant' Stop. Won't Stop. 
NintenDownload X-Press 4 LIFE!

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Nothing frightens Isaac Clark more than baby giraffes, NOTHING. 
I now fully understand why that doctor cut his throat out like that. No human being could look Issac in the eyes and tell him about the Necromorph baby giraffes he would have to fight.

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Quest Stats!  
Altman Be Praised, The Church Provides.

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I just slap the controller with my dick until something happens, let it know who's boss. 

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@Bouke: He's still my friend; he ended up giving it away after having to move if that's what you're asking. What you should be asking is if the game was good. It was never good. 
Actually, let me back-pedal a bit. It's a good game if your a fan of the genre, f you can handle the "realistic" movements of the robots and you don't mind it being a very short game.
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I don't know about you but I couldn't wait to get a friend to haul that 4 foot plastic space waste out of my fucking house. But to each his own I guess. 
In my opinion, if you can get your hands on Chromehounds you'll have a much better time than anything Steel Batallion / Line of Contact will offer.

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Current events tell me that after 2011 even PS3 users wont give a fuck about Final Fantasy.  
Of course, there is the small possibility of it being good and Microsoft not having it, but...

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I will continue to support awesome things! 
I can honestly say that this is probably the best idea on paper.....