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@birdflu777: Yea thats normal. There's usually only 6 or so and they're shopping channels. 
On the other hand, if you're getting 40 plus then your cable company is slacking!
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@jukezypoo said:
" Polynomial for sure. "
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Let's all take this opportunity to give the Krome guys a slow golf clap. 
 It takes real skill to have a ~20Mb program be as buggy as this.

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The Maw should of counted for the "Monsters" quest. This system makes me cry.

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@ev_rowe: Oh man, you just saved me hours of keyboard punching. Thanks.
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2,000 quest completions during the holiday madness? Here's to Christmas Miracles! 

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For "Angry Joe" this was the most important act oh his entire life, but for Geoff it was Tuesday. 
I, for one, am absolute outraged that this thread had me click on his stupid fucking website. He's going to gain some internet popularity from his incompetence and I helped. Fuck.

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@OneAndOnlyBigE: The way I see it is that the Quest would be too easy. Pretty much every single location in the Dead Space universe is a terrifying place to be and or an alien massacre waiting to happen. 
It also doesn't allow Space Station Citadel or the UNN Von Braun which, in my opinion, is a criminal act of negligence.
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The "Secret" military base from the first Half-Life also works as well as the "City" you relocate to in the second game. There's also the "dimension" from Clive Barker's Undying, it starts with an O.
Now can someone please explain to me why "Mars" "Space Stations" and "Space Colony" don't work. Those are horror staples in the gaming world.

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I would watch and pay a dollar per lap if there was nudity and dancing. Make it happen and you've got yourself a charity marathon!