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The PS3 has a much better graphics chip than the Xbox so you would hope that three years into the cycle they would finally be making games that look better than the Xbox versions. It goes to show just how difficult that platform is to develop for.  It's a given that the longer the PS3 last the better the graphics will be and that Halo: Reach will probably be the best the Xbox can do.  
That being said the larger the game world and the more entities are on screen the greater it looks no matter how good the textures are, or how many polys they contain.

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Let's make this easy! 
1. Do you need more Endurance Run? 
Fuck YES! 

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It seems that a lot of the Tom Clancy games are basically urban combat, almost all of them, even the splinter cell games, have the properties of methodical pacing and interesting stories. If you didn't care about the pace being slowed down for some tactical flair the Modern Warfare series would probably be the best bet. Almost everything else I can think of are old turn-based PC games from the nineties.

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As much as I love FEAR 2 it really can't see why it would be the one that you choose. Its really short and really easy. even on the hardest difficulty you can run straight at enemies with the assault rifle and never run out of medpacks. Even in the city areas you either have to get back into buildings or are piloting the mech. and the last two thirds you are in an underground research lab. In fact, now that I think of it you are in a medical research lab through out the entire game. They only look like civilian areas. So maybe its just the polish of FEAR but its definitely nothing that hasn't been done before. 

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When it first came out Resident Evil was the stupidest name I could ever think of, then there was Starcraft. They still don't mean anything even today.

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With System Shock you have to realize that it's an traditional PC RPG that only looks like a first person shooter. You can't treat it like Call of Duty, everything you do has to be methodical. It also helps to pick a class and then only put modules into that class. So if you chose Navy, only put points in hacking and pistol. If you want to be easy you have to pick Marine and max out your strength and just one shot everyone with the wrench.

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Modesto, CA 
Cable 6-8mbit 
Stutters a little at the beginning, and cuts off sometimes near the end but can easily be restarted at an earlier or later point to continue. Keep at it - it's rough but I see the potential of  being able to start anywhere in the video.
Here's hoping it works out!

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Oh hey it's the bird from Ninja Gaiden..FUCK THAT BIRD!

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Oh God no! That game has no redeeming quality. Use that money to rent something good or better yet, buy candy.

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Golden Anniversary? Whoo keep it going, never stop, the internet will riot without it! Keep it rolling till the wheels fall off.