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Every year you guys top the previous year.

Just magnificent.

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As a twenty-something who has grown up on Jafffe games, Drawn to Death just doesn't appeal to me :/

I wish this game was more popular, but its just not what we want.

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I'm 50 hours into DA:I and it's my game of the year. I really hope the guys get at least somewhat deep into it, to give it the chance it deserves. Sure, its buggy. What game isn't anymore?

I do hope it's at least in top 10. I'll take that.

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Even if I'll never play a certain game

If it's under 5 dollars

God damn it I'll buy it.


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I'm 45 hours in and while I understand your complaints, I'm more forgiving.

My only real complaint is about the loot. I'm level 15 and I don't feel like I'm getting anything worth while. Most of my weapons are awesome, but my armor seems weak (Maybe its not and its just me?)

I love open world games, and I feel like the random side quests in DA:I are great. Yeah, collecting 10 ram skins is filler, but the context is gives me and the way it goes about it, I love it.

I haven't played a game this much to completion since, well, probably Skyrim. I'll probably get near 100 hours for this game. I fucking love it.

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Here's a novel idea.

Read the review. This seems silly.

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I exhausted the content out of both Dragon Age games, but I don't have a new console yet.

I'm always broke, but I've been desperately trying to save up for a PS4. If I don't get one for Dragon Age, I will sell my god damn liver for Witcher 3.

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OH MY GOD. Guess I'm staying up tonight.

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Just... just fantastic.

Never change Dan.

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Oh my god. I haven't thought about Monster Rancher is years. I definitely played a ton of this series.

Did a PS3 version come out?