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I just got the game tonight and I'm really loving it. I'm gonna finish the main tutorial quest before venturing into multiplayer, but it's good to know the community already has a server ready!

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It's tough for me, because they are two very different games that I love. I played Skyrim for hundreds of hours, while Last of Us was a condensed, narrative masterpiece.

I'm fine with this being a Korra .gif thread, though.

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I can't join the server, did I miss something? Have I somehow forgotten how to join a Minecraft server, or do I have the IP incorrect ( according to the OP)? What's the current version? I haven't played or checked here for a while, but now I can't play and I don't see anything here about the server being offline...

I think the server is down.

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I only dabble in anime, and I agree about the first episode. But I'm glad I gave it a chance.

It is melodrama, but you take the good with the bad.

It's really great. It has actual tension, because no character is safe. Dudes straight up die all the time.

(Also, watch Kill la Kill like mentioned.)

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Someone mentioned Final Fantasy 10, and I remember loving the Sin battles.

Platinum games just gets boss battles. Epic scale, enough difficulty to not anger you, sweet visuals.

Any game with gigantic bosses is a favorite of mine. It's probably why Shadow of the Colossus is my favorite game, it's nothing but boss battles essentially.

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Ellen page's nudity is a failure of the game design.

(I just wanted to use that stupid quote again.)

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I'm eating something as I type this.

Just to spite you.

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Great scoop, scoops! I bet you were giddy as shit during this. We all know how much you love this movie.

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It's really, really hard for me to take this serious when you can't even spell the website name correctly.

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@jz said:

With no Watchdogs and lunch games of new consoles never really being that great, is it time to start talking game of the year? The last big game of the year still to come being assassin's creed 4. I personally think it looks awesome, but like 70% of people seem to be burnt out on it. 2013 oddest year in videogames ever, when it seems like the goty can happen in October.

I can't decide on a GOTY until I have my lunch games.