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Not gonna watch the video (since it's TB) but if it's about what I think it's about isn't one of the BIG differences between a site like GB and most YT channels that they actually do ask for permission. I mean we've heard them talk about how certain companies only allow clips of certain lengths etc several times.

You have no idea what he even goes over. You're just being ignorant. If you watch the video, instead of just posting you didn't for the sake of who made it, you would realized the dev is 150% WRONG.

I've never watched this guy either. That doesn't excuse the fact he was wronged.

I found the video on daily motion, if anyone wants to watch how incredible the game is!


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Biscuit is totally right. This is disgusting, really. A guy with a crappy game was butthurt that a major youtuber gave him a bad review.

This kind of reminds me of a certain Gamespot editor giving a game a bad review and getting fired for it...

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Best Metal Gear game, absolutely.


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It's weird, I was able to play Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, all those Japanese tank control games at a young age. It always frightened me, but it wasn't until this generation did I really become scared.

Amnesia took me months to complete. I remember the first time I ever played it, I nearly flipped my computer desk. I immediately turned it off, and had to leave the lights on for the night. I wasn't a kid anymore, how any game did this to me really stuck with me.

Outlast came close, but after the first hour I grew to understand how everything worked, and easily got through it. It had real promise. It has all the jump scares needed, but that's not enough. The awful ending didn't help, either.

It's the feeling of being helpless, with no combat whatsoever. You have to hide, and even then they could find you.

So yeah, probably Amnesia. The water section, the infamous water section. God fucking damn that level.

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Just fantastic, Patrick.

it's a good thing you left these unprofessional assholes, you were too professional if you ask me ;]

I hope you do more of these in the future.

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This is so cool.

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If you guys want a real, real bad Thing sequel, the comic is right up your alley.

Honestly one of the worst comics I've ever read. They completely ignore the movie.

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Hey, Patrick.

I was disgusted when I heard they were remaking The Thing (the one with Kurt Russel) but I eventually saw it and it was a prequel, not a remake. I liked it; I even bought the Disk to see the special effects closer.

Was Carpenter not involved in it?

I ask because you are one of the (not just video-games) Journalists I respect most and I am curious to know what your thoughts are on the new The Thing.

He wasn't involved whatsoever.

And yeah, The Thing prequel is pretty awful. The practical effects are what made the original (not the 50's original original, mind you) so great. It's CGI nonsense if you ask me. Yeah, some practical effects were used, but still.

And you know the outcome, so it loses all tension.

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@snail said:

Patrick, I kinda love you right now. You brought John Carpenter to Giant Bomb. This is crazy.

This is like some sort of Giant Bomb fanfiction.

"...and then one stormy, Tuesday afternoon, as the skies lay laden in cascades of bible back clouds, Patrick saw a peculiar e-mail in his inbox. A lightning and an instant thunderclash punctuated the moment. The webmaster was real, and he had invited him to intverview the master of horror."

This is one thing I did not expect.

Holy shit.

Seriously. He is probably my favorite filmmaker, and even though it was brief, you got a fucking interview with him on this video game website. I had no idea he was involved in FEAR 3. I certainly liked it the best of the three.

If I remember right, didn't DmC earlier this year have "They Live" style messaging? Also Saints Row 4, obviously. The man's work is all over the place.

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I started a blog, watching a movie a day and writing about it.

You're kind of an inspiration, @patrickklepek !