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You know, they play a lot of fucking video games in Japan as well. And South Korea. And pretty much everywhere else in the world. No place has as many of these kind of episodes as the USA as far as I know. Oh yes, I'm sure it's the video games that are to blame. Not the fact that getting a gun in this country is almost as easy as buying candy.

I like this one.

Biden is not the guy I would have chosen. Maybe that's why I'm not in politics.

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That TED talk was really interesting. Thanks, Patrick.

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Hey folks. I've been bombing for a while, but never did the forum thing. Just reupped my live account. Sadly, I had to start fresh, since I lost the info for my previous live account. ALL THOSE WORTHLESS ACHIEVEMENTS!

Anyway, I'm Drunk Tom Hanks. I play everything. Right now it's Halo 4 and Ultimate MvC3.

Bring it on?

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Trick Klepek knocks another one out of the park!

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As I've been saying since this morning, I trust Jeff and the crew MUCH more than I trust whiny idiots on the internet who freak out over the weirdest crap. Giant Bomb with a bigger budget can only lead to more awesome things in my book.

Basically this.

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Most players I know found a walkthrough to learn how to keep everyone alive, hoping to bring everyone along for the final ride against the Reapers.

Lol, you must be kidding. Zero part of keeping everyone alive is in any way difficult or confusing. "Hey guys, did you do all the side missions? Do you do all the ship upgrades? Did you send biotics to do biotic jobs and techs to do tech jobs? Great, everyone lives."

If you don't send the right people to do the right jobs, someone will die. It's pretty easy to fuck up. Get over yourself.

Yeah, I had someone die twice, and I used a guide on the second one. I did everything I could, but I must of missed something.