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I'm wearing my duder t-shirt while reading this, excited and sad at the same time.

But good luck to you and whatever you'll do in the future, just know that my two hardcore Dave t-shirts will be worn until I need to buy/bootleg two new ones.


Frank Dokter

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Voted for Will Smith, he's just more awesome then Matt Rorie. Got nothing against Rorie though.

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Guess I'm lucky I'm loving the game atm, although I'm not level 50 yet and I probably won't be anytime soon I've had more fun in the ~4 days played then I've had in the first ~100 in WoW. At the time I liked the WoW experience but now that I've played SWTOR I wouldn't be able to play a WoW like anymore.

I guess it all comes down to giving context and combat smoothness for me.

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Although I think it's a little early, I'm still super excited for this game as the first one was amazingly fun. Btw, anyone saying this game wasn't very long, you got a full fledged title with pretty high production values and a unique art style, 8 hours of gameplay and lots of truly funny jokes for just 20 euro's/dollars. How is that bad?