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Depression Quest

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You mean would I like to see them AGAIN? Yes, I would.

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God of War


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I'm all over this.

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Glad to see she landed well on her feet

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I'll be playing, but for the other side.

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More proof that video games kill people. All of the science is right here. Further debate is futile.

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So he'll get the death penalty for arming terrorists that were active on U.S. soil. Right????

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"California State Senator Leland Yee (D), a driving force behind California's legislative efforts to restrict minors' access to violent video games, has been arrested on charges of bribery and corruption, according to numerous local media reports.

Yee, who is running for California Secretary of State, saw his office raided by FBI agents this morning in service of multiple arrest and search warrants, according to Sacramento's KCRA. The raid follows a grand jury indictment of Yee, asreported by San Francisco's ABC7. Sacramento's Fox 40 reports that concurrent, related raids are being conducted on Chinatown locations with possible drug connections.

[UPDATE: Charging documents and a press release published by the Department of Justice charge Yee with firearms trafficking and six counts of fraud. Yee allegedly accepted donations over legal limits from an undercover FBI agent in exchange for "multiple official acts." The arrest dragnet also includes many members of the allegedly criminal Chee Kung Tong organization, including leader Raymond “Shrimpboy” Chow.]

Yee was the author and main sponsor of California's infamous 2005 law that sought to criminalize the sale of violent video games to children. The law was struck down by numerous courts before finally being overturned for good by the US Supreme Court in 2011 on First Amendment grounds. The failed legislative and legal effort ended up costing California taxpayers $1.8 million in attorney's fees alone."

Better hope they speak Klingon in jail, Yee Ha