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Something about it looks a lot more sluggish to me than things were in Gears 2.
Regardless I'm sure I'll play a shitload.

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This was great fun, even though I didn't play, only watched two games, and then played pictionary.
Will probably be there for the next.

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1) RatSlayer
2) Hunting Rifle
3) Magnum .44

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Haha, saw this on FP too.
Great playthrough so far though, went back and watched some others too.
Octodad was brilliant, was funny how your artwork was better than the art in the game..
Also I'm glad to see you're watching the replays at the end of the levels more often as you go on, they're the best bit!

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I just bought it a couple of days ago and I'm in bronze and always find matches within a minute.
Sadly I get my ass handed to me in the majority of them.

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Goddamn, don't really care about MoH but wanna play BF3 so bad.

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Definitely Oblivion for me too, so much time put into that game.