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You're the best Patrick. Excellent article.

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My turnips are at 651 for right now if any duders want to get in on those sweet, sweet bells. Send me a PM and we can swap friend codes.

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I honestly don't understand the hate for Fish. I mean I don't actively follow his career or anything, but I watched Indie Game the movie. I don't see it.

This whole thing was a bummer, and it was pretty inspiring to see Patrick's comments. I always wonder how internet personalities deal with the vitriol. I know some of it seeps through. But we're lucky enough to be in this awesome community....

Anyway, much love to all. Hope I get to play Fez II. I thought Fez was one of the best games of the last generation. It would be a real shame for Phil Fish not to follow up on it somehow.

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I've got an Arwing, Green Shell, Mushroom Mural, Virtual Boy, Midna's Mask, Hero's Pants, Metroid, S.S. Dolphin, Varia Suit, and Midna's Mask. Cherries and Peaches for fruit. Balloon Vanity, Closet, Dresser, TV and Table.

Looking for all other village fruit, Tri-Force, Mario Pipe, Brick Floor, Hero's Cap, Red and Blue Pikmen Hats, Flag Pole, Super Mushroom, Star Man, 1-Up Mushroom, Fire Bar, Pikmin, Varia Boots, Triple Shells, and Mario Kart.

If interested, PM me and we can arrange a meet. Thanks!

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I really, really like Brad, and want this to be a success but I can't help feeling they should have waited until they got Broken Age out the door.

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To me it kinda looks like a Philips CD-i. That makes me very happy.

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@dasoul said:

I've got like 23 keys left over, hit me up on Steam, ID: DaSoul

Thanks man! Ready for some #BIGPLAYS!

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Sad that El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron didn't even get a mention during the "Best Looking Game" segment. Certainly one of the most original looking games this year, and maybe ever. Otherwise, good work guys.