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I really do appreciate the input and the views that this post got. I only realized that I had the ability to publish this blog post as a forum topic after I wrote it out, so it was a bit lengthier than it needed to be, I suppose haha.

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@Little_Socrates: First off, thank you very much for even listening. Secondly, I think that I understand what you are saying, and I tend to agree. We kinda have a format that we try to stick to, but overall we take a very loose approach to things. I think that for the most part I have been chalking it up to the fact that none of us have really done this before, so we can really get on a roll during the recording but then things tend to lose steam quite in a bad way, and its a real struggle for us to get things moving forward again. I think that MBMBaM is a perfect example of this, as even just Justin himself has probably put in more podcasting hours than I have existed, so I'd have to imagine that at this point it just comes pretty naturally to him. I don't obviously expect to attain that level of skill and intuition on the matter, but seeing as I have felt that over the past several episodes we have been making strides at just being more comfortable and collected at the recordings, my hope is that we will continue to improve in that way.

Again, thanks for the input. I didn't want to open myself up on a forum by saying that I was looking for positive and negative feedback, because of trolls and whatnot, but I kinda was fishing for it, so I greatly appreciate it.

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I'm fairly certain that nobody is going to see this on here, because even though I have been a big follower of Giant Bomb since the guys were just a wee little blog page for news and a podcast, I have never been all that active in the community. The last bit of that is regrettable for me, but quite honestly, I have never felt like I have all that much to contribute to the site as a whole. Then again, I tend to think that way about the internet and my relationship to it as a whole, which is why the next part of this post is a bit silly, and really just a complete contradiction.

I recently just started doing a podcast with a few friends, and we are in desperate need of listeners. Ultimately, it really doesn't matter to us if we have almost any listeners as we are mostly doing the show for our own benefit and for the fun and experience of creating something. But obviously I would be lying if I said that we wouldn't get any enjoyment out of the idea of us having a few people listening to the show we put out each week.

So here it is, this is me asking any of you Giant Bomb folks out there if you would at least check out our show, and hopefully come back each week, as well as spread the word on it. If you don't, that is totally cool, and no hard feelings. Like I said up there, if only a few of our friends are listening to it and that's it, we will most likely keep doing it anyway. The main reason I am even writing any of this is that years ago, the very first podcast I started listening to was the Hotspot, right after Jeff and Ryan left Gamespot. And after listening for a couple of weeks, I noticed a comment on the post that said if I liked Hotspot, then I should go check out the way better podcast Arrow Pointing Down, and have been a rabid listener ever since. The Bombcast was what got me super into the medium as a whole, and ultimately the reason I wanted to do a show of my own. We are having a really good time making it, and so although we are only 11 episodes in, none of us intend on stoppin' anytime soon.

The show is called It's A No-Brainer!, and its a comedy show that my friends Josh, Geoff, and myself have put together that is mostly just us reading stupid news stories, competing in challenges, and any other weird shit that we think might be funny/amusing for both ourselves and for any other ears that find themselves listening.

Here is the link to our listing on iTunes:


And here is another link to our Facebook:


If you are still reading this far, that hopefully means that you are open minded enough and willing to give us a shot, at which point I would recommend that you start somewhere in the middle, maybe around episode 7 or 8. I think that we are just starting to hit our stride with the show and figuring out what seems to work and whatnot. The audio quality isn't the greatest, especially for the first few episodes, but considering that we are actually recording the show on Rock Band USB mics (they work surprisingly well, and were both cheap and readily available) I actually think that it sounds pretty decent. It helps that Josh edits the show quite well, and adds a lot of stuff in post. We aren't professionals in any way, with no other background in this sort of thing, but rather just big fans of the medium who thought that they might take a crack at making something on their own.

I know that for a post that is asking for people to check out our show I'm not talking it up too much, but quite honestly that just sorta would feel lame. I just have a great deal of respect for the people in this community, and even though I don't make a lot of contributions to the site, I still watch my quick looks, read news and features, and listen to the Bombcast every week. In fact, out of all the podcasts I listen to each week, the Bombcast is still my most anticipated show to listen to after all these years. If our podcast got to be half as funny as the GBC, I'd be both amazed and excited. So again, if you made it this far, thank you. And if you check out our show, let us know what you think!

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@Saethir said:

What about Saints Row Forth? The twist is that every vehicle is a rowboat.

That took me a second to follow, but I have to say, that would be a pretty strong new direction for them. Lets just hope that they wouldn't make all the oars into giant pink dildo's...

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holy shit

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Okay, I had to get that out of my system... Seriously, I am sitting here by myself and i just cant help but start lauging  everytime i think about how ridiculous this is. 
I like Bungie, Alot actually, but i cant help but be a little concerned about this. I mean, its fucking Activision we are talking about here. Its good that they learn SOMETHING from the recent goings on with IW, but still, wouldn't the very mention of signing a TEN year deal with Activision make any decent publisher run for the hills... 
Having said that, I still expect great things of what ever they turn out, but i worry about what complications will arise when 2 games and 5 years down the like Mr. Bobby wants his. And we all know how Mr. Bobby gets when he doesn't get his...

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oh man. i have been watching this for several hours now. i left to get some food just before 4 am wisconsin time and on the drive home i was torn between hoping that i wouldnt miss the end and just wanting this to be over so that i dont force myself to stay up until 6am... looks like this large coke is going to come in handy...

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That is exciting. Not that I really have the problem of not having enough room for all my friends...
However it is sad to hear that they are killing the support for games, no matter how old they may be. There is that part of me that wants to yell "Get with the program and just play Halo 3!" and I suppose that is a fairly rational thought. I guess its just sad to see them shut down a game that I spent so much time playing. Ahhh, Memories...

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I'll take South American Accents for 400 Alex.

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