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@burningstickman is ready to give Molag Bal the what for.

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Kevin Pollak should be in there somewhere.

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@burningstickman: I can't stand to see "rogue" spelled "rouge," so I edited your title. It's not a warning or anything, but I just had to. My English degree demanded it.

You did the right thing. That's not a spelling. It's a color.

@grimmie92 It doesn't seem to morph for longer duration. Again, I haven't gotten too far. As for crouching and sneaking up on enemies, I always get juuuuuust in stabby range before they alert and turn around. I don't see a way to improve stealth as in previous ES games. Bosmer get an extra meter of stealth coverage with their racials, but that looks like it. Seeming like ranged stealth is the best stealth at the moment.

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Trying to put together a good Shadowblade, and traditional rogue gameplay (stealth and dual wield) doesn't look that viable. For one, it seems like the only invisibility ability lasts just 2.5 seconds, and that doesn't seem like enough time to slip up on someone and give them the business. For two, there doesn't appear to be a backstab mechanic? I'm also not entirely sure what bonuses you get for attacking while crouch-stealthed (as opposed to using a power).

Is someone further along the lines, with some idea of how these powers transform (or mutate, or whatever the mechanic is called) able to give a clearer path? Or does the Thieves Guild (or Dark Brotherhood) give a more appropriate set of skills?

For what it's worth, I can already see how a Bosmer with a bow, the Assassination line, and a bit of Shadow could stomp balls. I'm not seeing the same potential with a melee Shadowblade, and I assume I'm missing something.

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@bane said:

I'm walking along the coast (emphasis on walking) just taking in the sights, looking for crafting materials and whatnot. Other players are running and hopping around like idiots, two more are having a naked dance party on the beach, and they're all generally ruining the experience. I see a mineral vein so I head in that direction. One player comes from the other direction and gets there first, forcing me to move on or sit around and wait for it to reset. Another player runs past me going the other way, turns around, gets in front of me and asks in the chat "are you a person or an npc?" I assume because I was just walking like a normal person. The simple fact that they had to ask tells me I'm the exception while running and hopping around like an idiot is the rule.

Having everyone questing in the same public spaces is completely ridiculous.

I will say there is one very legitimate complaint people can level at ESO (other than bugs) that is 100% legit.... and that is it. They do seriously need to start heavily instancing areas, at the very least the indoor/quest areas.

Instancing would help, but (in my admittedly limited experience) it just seems written like a single player ES game, from the design of the missions down to the "sole hero of the universe" story. Like this was ES6 that they turned into an MMO instead. I've got to think there's a way you can write quests that would account for multiple people. To be fair, this is the starter areas - maybe they wrote those first and it gets better later. But if not, there's a lot you've got to turn a blind eye to if you're here for story and immersion.

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Just an FYI, you can join up to 5 guilds in game.

I've read this elsewhere and still don't understand it. You mean you can join 5 different player guilds/clans at once? Or are you including NPC guilds like Fighters Guild, Mages Guild?

Also @grimmie92, why would anyone ever want to leave the rank of VinnCo Tester? :D Seems like that's something to aspire to, rather than the default newbie rank.

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@bane: You don't see the other peoples stories. What's stopping you from just considering them other random people in the world?

One of the first mission lines I got in the beta involved a plot to assassinate the king. The local constabulary suspected a particular family, but couldn't act without evidence. They asked me to sneak (yes, there's the same stealth mechanic as in the single player games) into the family's house and search for evidence. "Be careful, don't get seen if you can avoid it!" etc, etc.

So far, very Elder Scrolls. I enter the house. The house turns out to be a public instance. There's at least 10 other people running around or looking at their menus. No guards, because they'd all been killed. If the evidence was hidden or locked, that had already been taken care of. No need to even stealth - I just strolled over to the shiny object, picked it up, left the house.

Later the city is under siege by another faction. I'm asked to lead a daring raid through their forces on the coast, and burn their siege ballistas. Check my inventory, ready for combat, charge out onto the beach...

It's empty, except for other players. Totally, absolutely devoid of opposition, because as soon as new enemies would spawn in, another player would be there to whack them. I calmly jogged over to each ballista, "used" it to set it on fire, jogged back to the questgiver.

That kind of stuff. I thought I was being petty for being turned off by it in the beta, but I'm glad others feel the same way. Aside from that, they've done a surprising job at turning Skyrim into an MMO.

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I'm a non-developer who's been following the Rift for a while now (and interested in VR since the 90s, so... yeah, I wants it). It's looking like DK2 might be the time for the impatient to strike. There's already a great amount of content to check out from DK1. Now that the screens are 1080 OLED and positional tracking is added, I'm not sure where else the tech could go, beyond slimming down the form factor and possibly shaving bits off the price. I obviously don't want to spend $350 and then $350 again next year, but I have no issue buying a DK2 now and using it instead of the consumer model (assuming it's compatible).

I'm glad I waited on the DK1, but I can't see how there would be as significant a generational leap between DK2 and the consumer version. Any thoughts? Others in the same boat?

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Why did I cancel mine? Microsoft's embargos. Even if the games ultimately look just fine compared to PS4, there seems to be some shady shit going on, and it's best to wait that out.