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Episode II: Personal Space 0

The GoodTruth is, I didn't get into Star Wars Galaxies until Jump to Lightspeed. I had heard of SWG, but was wary of this "new" MMO idea, and wasn't clear on the compelling reasons to pay a monthly fee for a game. Then, JtL came out and I couldn't jump on board fast enough. This was entirely because I adored the X-Wing/TIE Fighter series, and I thought JtL was a grand-scale sequel to those games. It wasn't - which we'll touch on in a minute - but I had completely intended to get absorbed in the...

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Episode III: The War-Worn Wilderness of Wookie World 0

The GoodRage of the Wookies marks Galaxies' third expansion; timed to release as Revenge of the Sith hit theaters in the U.S. The expansion opens up the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk to exploration - both ground and space areas - adds new equipment, new quests, and for better and worse, includes some fundamental changes to the Galaxies system.First off, the planet itself: While woodlands had been done before (the SWG interpretation of Endor being the obvious comparison), Kashyyyk still manages t...

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Episode I: Like 'Second Life,' but with a purpose. 0

The GoodIt's a sunny afternoon among the towering skyscrapers of Coronet; capital city of Corellia, and one of the galaxy's busiest meeting places. I'm an older, silver haired gentleman in utilitarian white clothes, seated at an open desk in one of the four main rooms of Coronet's expansive medical center. It's a busy shift today. It's been an unspoken agreement that Corellia is a prime location for medical treatment. A steady stream of patients from all over the galaxy is always flowing throug...

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Servers are dead, but the single-player lives on 0

The GoodIf you've heard anything about Hellgate: London, it’s likely been negative. Regarded as one of the biggest flops of 2007, the high-profile involvement of several Diablo II alums only resulted in high-profile fallout when the studio collapsed shortly after Hellgate‘s release.The demise of Flagship Studios ended up overshadowing the actual gameplay of Hellgate, and while you can no longer play this online, the single-player game is still quite available. This single-player aspect is what ...

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An impressive sandbox, but someone forgot to bring the toys. 0

The GoodI loved The Matrix when it came out. Loved it. But then, as a mildly rebellious, free-thinking teenage male who also enjoyed John Woo movies, I was pretty much under contractual obligation to. The series went downhill from there, and I personally believe that the marketing firms were so eager to make this the next Star Wars Trilogy that they sunk their own boat by overloading it. I walked out of the third movie disappointed, and certainly was nowhere near as excited about the prospect of...

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