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Amumu is good and pretty easy, only that you have to learn how to jungle and gank. Check stonewall008's videos for some help in the jungle-department. Fizz and Twisted Fate are kinda hit and miss, also both are pretty hard to play. I would recommend that you try Annie and Ashe, both cheap and easy champs to start with.

Best of luck to you at the Summoner's rift.

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Report her to your boss, get her kicked the fuck out. Now you have an open spot for a friend! Or a better office for yourself! All problems solved!

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@SpartanAmbrose: Well, it is. It is good. If your favorite characters are in one of the books, then the other one isn't going to be as fun to read, though. How sad that we'll have to wait a couple of years for the next one. Depressing really.

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@SpartanAmbrose: You're in for a... well, something. It's got nothing to do with the story, it's great, really. I'm sure GRRM had no other choice but to cut it up in two parts, but they both suffer from pacing problems (though ADWD less so).

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I don't know. It's kind of weird. We don't talk about much else than football and music, but we love each other. We just don't say it.

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I wish I could wipe my dollars off hte total they made for this "game".

It's terrible and to call it a game is nearly deceptive advertising.

It looks beautiful, sure, and it's artistic approach is welcome. But it's artistic approach to what? To clicking on the environment and watching your character march across the screen, frequently without purpose or direction. It's not an evolution of gaming, it's a poor adventure game from 20 years ago with a great art style and modern music.

Can't agree more. I love different and experimental games. I'd rather play a bad original game than a good rehash. This was neither. It felt like the dialog was written in 5 minutes by a kid, and while the palette was nice, it was basically a point and click adventure without the content. Then I fought the triangle and it was like pulling teeth - especially since you retry almost-dead and can't do anything but fight it forever until you pass, but it's paced like a city council meeting. I kicked it to the curb. I wasted my money and enough of my time; I wasn't about to throw more after it.

I guess my biggest problem is with the idea of calling it a game. There's tons of content for Ipad and PCs out there that doesn't get covered as gaming related because it's NOT gaming related. So what makes this different? I mean, it is largely NOT a game. The amount of interactivity is similar to small child's educational game, but without the educational element.

I saw a review that called it "hipster Zelda". I'm a "hipster." I like zelda. This should be for me, right? I came to find out NO. Because it's NOT A GAME.

I get that it's cool to have hip-hop beats in a fantasy environment. I get that's it's neat to have characters speak in a lazy vulgar syntax. i get that the graphics are cool and the spartan environment is moody. I like all those things. But I got no more enjoyment out of SB:S&S than I would have just looking at the screenshots or watching gameplay video. It's NOT A GAME.

It's like a slinky or those clickity whacker balls on sticks. It's not a game and you get no more enjoyment out of owning it than you do futzing with it in the store for a few minutes.

It's quite interesting how all of you seemed to go in with the notion that this was going to be some epic story-driven game. You've got nobody to blame but yourselves for not looking into what it was. "Oh gosh! I think I'll buy that World of Warcraft game everybody's talking about, maybe it'll be a great racing simulator!"

I for one found it to be well worth the money. But then again I enjoy ambient and exploration games. Good thing I knew what I was buying, eh?

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@CL60: check your emails. Should get a unique link to all your games.

I did, it's not there. I tried the resender thing on their site too, and still nothing.

You have to pay at least 1$ no more games for 0.01

I did spend $1 or more... the transaction went through, and I have no code... >.>

there should have been a popup right after paying with the link also. But they're probably just getting hammered. I never had a problem with buying a bundle.

It depends what you paid with. Using PayPal you can go back to the Humble Bundle page and get all the keys there. Otherwise, who knows? People have all kind of problems and they're usually addressed after an email or two.

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@Buscemi Me either. I think it's the scarcity of legendary/set pieces and them not even being particularly good if you find them. That and auction house? Not sure but I'm feeling the same way kinda

Could very well be. I don't get that feeling of gratification when I find items, not like I did before.

The way I see it, though, is what has happened with a lot of Blizzard games over the past years. I don't want to say that they're designing their games toward people that might not have played older Blizzard games, per say, but it's something along those lines. Trivial things like not sharing loot and how you respawn just a few seconds from your corpse. Things like that. I'm not putting anything up, if that makes any sense. I know that Dave talked about this in one of the subscriber videos. How social drama makes up so much of a game. Arguing about people stealing from the guild bank, changing your banner to an Alliance kind just before changing side. Those things don't exist anymore. It's streamlined to such an extent that it feels meaningless.

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The gameplay will probably never excite you, if anything it'll bore or annoy you. But then again that's not what makes the game enjoyable. It's all about loot-lust. Opening that resplendent chest and seeing what comes out, killing a pack of elites and getting a few new magic items or killing a last boss and just be showered with items. Unfortunately it takes a while before that really kicks into gear, but if you've ever been excited by loot in games I'd give it another shot.

That is what Diablo is all about. But I don't get the same loot-feeling as I did from the two older games. I honestly don't know what's wrong with me.

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80% Caucasian(specifically German and Irish)

20% native american

Honestly based on looks I'm definitely just Caucasian (although I tan easily) but I still always have to fill out the native american portion whenever I'm applying for anything(even though it genuinely wouldn't matter considering I don't live on a reservation...) or when I'd take exams in high school.

Do you know what kind of Native American you have in you? So to speak...