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He does a pretty wicked Russian accent. "How are you liking me stabbing you in the bitch, bitch?" Can't remember what quick look that was, and don't know what name to put to it haha.

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That top one reminds me of what the GB duders would look like as Hotline Miami characters haha. Awesome.

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Im interested to see how the dudes react to the number and length of cutscenes. Drew has said before that he is primarily here for the story, and there is certainly plenty of that to go around. They will probably need to increase the length of the average episode.

Can't fucking wait until they see some of the iconic moments in this game. I really want to see Drew's reaction to the return of Shadow Moses as a reminder of how far he's come on this journey, and how fucking cool the final boss fight with Liquid is. Also the super weird shit like those damn television programs in the beginning haha. And I can already envision how much drew's eyes are going to glaze over during the half hour of exposition with Big Boss at the end when you already thought the game was over. Man, this fucking game.

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Ignoring the little ones is viable, I did it on my first time meeting Rom that way without really thinking about it, but it is more risky that way. On subsequent fights with Rom, i've taken out all the spiders and had a lot safer of a time.

He only spawns new little spiders when he teleports, and he will only teleport twice. The first time is a given, since he doesn't use magic at that point. The second two waves you just have to keep your distance relatively close, and just watch out for when he rolls to his side so you can back off quickly from the underside attacks.

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Motherfucking Kirkhammer. The hammer is excellent for staggering enemies and dealing big blows of single damage, and the sword is really versatile (especially the lunge attack after dodging to the side). The R2 thrust attack with the sword is gold. With the strength scaling and some nice gems I have slotted, my damage stat on that thing is north of 600.

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Maybe it was being triggered somehow by the specific counter attack I was using, but the Gehrman fight actually ended up being really easy for me. I was using a fully decked out Kirkhammer (the actual hammer part) with 600+ damage and he just kept repeating the same forward lunge at me, and all I had to do was dash right and slam him once, back up, and he would repeat the same lunge over and over and over again.

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So, there is a really cheesy way to take care of those 3 hunters you fight at once, and I don't feel bad about it because they are a real motherfucker. Once you aggro them, just run back to the lantern. Usually only 2 of them will follow you, and most of the time only one of them will actually enter the lantern room. You can divide and conquer.

As far as areas are concerned, there is a key in the Unseen area you are in that you can find that will allow you to get to the Upper Cathedral Ward for another couple zones also.

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@boozak said:

Is Patches in Bloodborne? If so it's a Souls game.

Im not sure if they ever name him, but there is totally an equivalent.

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It depends on whether or not you are talking about "Souls" as a series/franchise, or "Souls" as it's own genre. It's absolutely part of the same Souls genre that From has created, but it isn't the same series/franchise.

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***Minor spoilers ahead for those that havent finished The Nightmare of Mensis area.***

In the Nightmare of Mensis, while taking the second shortcut cage up from the ground level (the one with the open door), you'll pass by an open window along the face of the building as you are scaling it. If you jump in here, it will take you along the bridge between buildings where all of those asshole flower monsters are that have been blasting you with frenzy bolts throughout the entire area. After defeating each of them, you'll eventually enter the building on the other side where you can pull a lever that triggers a cutscene.

In the video, you see that you've unhooked some sort of giant flesh monster in the center column of the bridge, which breaks free and falls through the floor and down a large hole in the center column. You can get down to the opening by crossing a different bridge, but there is also an exit right there as well that drops you back onto the bridge where you fought the NPC hunter with the claymore after fighting passed the spiders.

I had a lot of souls at this point, barely any blood viles and I wasnt sure I could survive the fall down to where the monster was, let alone fight it. So I dipped out and just went and fought the Wetnurse instead, and I never went back before completing the game. I havent really found anything online that explains what was down in that hole, did anyone go down there? Did I miss a boss?