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(and somehow don't realize that he is embellishing for entertainment effect)

Unless you are on this site regularly, you probably wouldn't realize that Jeff embellishes regularly for comical effect as opposed to simply being loudmouthed and obnoxious. There is nothing all that unusual about that. Similarly, people's inability to realize Trihex was probably embellishing in that linked video is the exact thing.

This place is about as great/terrible a cult of personality community as any other. Honestly, the GB community as a whole is probably worse due to how much chest beating over how "great we all are" I see when other communities are mentioned.

My comments weren't even necessarily directed at him, save the part about him still considering "8.8" to be some sort of major scandal and the mark of a terrible reviewer. That shit is played. The "pretentious Brit" thing was certainly embellished, but all it really showed was that he has absolutely no idea who Jeff is.

I was mostly referring to the swarms of people commenting about the Jeff/Yoshi situation on anywhere else but Giant Bomb. And I can't remove myself from the situation and look on as in impartial observer, but I don't think it takes a great deal of familiarity with Jeff to understand that those Yoshi videos/clips are dramatized. I mean, the tiniest bit of awareness would reveal that the rest of the people around him are laughing, and that the atmosphere isn't a mean spirited one.

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You know, ever since I discovered Giant Bomb in 2009 I haven't really engaged with any other gaming community whatsoever. Having been so isolated from the rest of the enthusiast crowd, I think I've really grown to take the perspective of this website and it's community for granted. Hearing Jeff still referred to as "the 8.8 guy," and seeing people lose their fucking minds because he doesn't think a game is good (and somehow don't realize that he is embellishing for entertainment effect), it really gives me a much better appreciation for this website and it's "culture," regardless of whatever blemishes it may occasionally have.

The donation is also seriously fucking impressive and awesome, and I love how it turned out to be not only a troll on Jeff, but also the ultra fanboys who hate him.

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The podcasts have been up and down every single year, with some really awesome segments and some middling segments. I thought overall everything was pretty fucking great this year.

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Great job all around! You all have made this a super entertaining week!!

But fuck man, for real, I know this type of stuff has been played to death and it would never happen anytime soon, but it would be like my favorite thing in the world if the McElroy brothers and the D.O.D. (Danny) were permanent members of the staff. God damn it that would just be the best.

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Jeff is trying to get a reaction though. He'd probably read these threads with a smile.

While saying "ohhh, I guess I'm a little 'too real' for you guys, ohs wells!"

Jeff is also a wigger.

Isn't the term "wigger" offensive on, like, tons of levels?

It's a white guy slur. Which as all white guy slurs tend to be, are pretty inoffensive.

The offensive nature of the word comes from what the word is composed of. Wigger just means "white nigger," and to call someone that is to say "you are/act like a nigger, it's just that you are white." The offensiveness doesn't come from being marginalized as a white person, it comes from using the word nigger as a way to negatively refer to an entire group of people, and then replace the first letter to include more people in that negative group as well.

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I think most of the time it's pretty funny, but Jeff has just been obnoxious lately. He almost never has anything good to say about anything.

Total hyperbole. He was completely positive, and at times very excited, for many things shown during the press conferences. He's just loud about the things he doesn't like (and usually in a quite entertaining way), that's all.

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They better end episode 10 on Lady Stoneheart and not Daenerys again.

As a general warning, if you aren't already familiar with what this is spoiling, don't even look it up. The first time I heard that name, I figured it was just some new character I hadn't heard about from some distant family, and a fairly significant event was spoiled immediately by an image popping up when I typed it into google.

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One thing to consider is that when you are developing a game for a console, you know the exact target you need to hit. Unless there is some disparity between different SKUs, you know that everyone in that given market is going to have the exact same hardware, so you can tailor your improvements specifically to make use of that platforms strengths. This makes optimization a much more straightforward task (as if optimizing wasn't crazy hard already). Also, on game consoles, you don't have a bajillion other processes and a hungry underlying operating system standing in your way nearly as much.

There are just an infinite number of hardware configurations that you need to account for when optimizing on PC, making it a much more difficult task.

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The giant bomb E3 banner thread is pretty much the only time I use photoshop each year. I really enjoy doing it and I always learn something new. This year .gifs! I've never made one before but that didn't stop me. Just spent a couple hours fiddling around with the banners I made the other day and figured out how to animate stuff in photoshop. Yay for learning new stuff!

The animated reveal here took this from being a slickly designed, yet altogether too-simple design and made it nearly perfect. It would be really cool to reverse the reveal direction, and have it actually trigger from the bomb in the center!

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As always, I trust these guys. I give them the benefit of the doubt. I'm excited for the hopeful 3-way beef that gets started between the 3 branches and to see competitive content between them!