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I would really like to see you or Vinny do the hosting to mix it up. Losing Jeff's craziness (like him laying in a bed and yelling from across the room two E3s ago) was the only loss this year.

I didn't watch the commentary streams during the pressers. Any thoughts to a highlights or a highlights remix video?

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I've been having the same problem... but only when not logged in on mobile.

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@c0v3rt What are we doing on the loser's bracket?

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@markjw Thanks for your suggestions. I'm from Canada - so I really need to secure tickets before I go. You've been an Enforcer before? How far did you travel to be an Enforcer?

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I was planning to make the trip to Seattle for PAX Prime this year. After years of sitting on the sidelines, I told myself this would be the PAX. Set up my Google Alerts, watched the site, followed to twitter account and got into the queue too late.

Did you get a ticket? Follow-up: any suggestions for someone looking for a ticket not wanting to pay 4X the ticket price?

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@kidzombie We could get a jump on Round 2 - let me know what days and times work best.

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London, Ontario, Canada

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This game was the perfect length. Once I got past the initial 15 minutes of "what am I playing...", I loved it. Sure, the game is a breeze and perhaps the end of the game is foreshadowed throughout, but the abruptness of the older brother's death and the sequences that followed? Wow.

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@voodoopc said:

I appreciate what Humble Bundles tries to do, supporting charity, but I hate the attitude of some people that buy their bundles.

I already payed the $1 for the first 4, hoping to see the average be dropped to around 3-4 dollars.

You can't spend $5.75 for 6 games, even if you give it all to charity? You're a piece of trash.

I once had a twitter fight with someone about Humble Bundles. I regretted it immediately.