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I have the same problem with both Netflix and Video Games... Analysis Paralysis.

I find myself paralyzed by indecision more often than not--generally I keep some short games (Tetris, Terra Battle, Crossy Road, etc.) on hand which I will throw on and mindlessly play while I wait to come up with the next larger game to play. That or I just wind up losing hours to Tetris, but that happens sometimes.

In terms of finding new stuff? Rock Paper Shotgun regularly covers small, free games that are if nothing else interesting little experiments to check out. I've gotten in the habit of pulling one or two of those a week to check out--sometimes they're crap, sometimes they wind up being pretty good, and most of the time they get me to go back and explore an older game in my backlog.

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I wish I had also seen this thread last week! I ended up raising $1625.21 during the stream which completely blew me away.

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Any word on the Bombcrew's intentions with PAX South? It's my first PAX, so any kind of GB love would be amazing.

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I would really like to see you or Vinny do the hosting to mix it up. Losing Jeff's craziness (like him laying in a bed and yelling from across the room two E3s ago) was the only loss this year.

I didn't watch the commentary streams during the pressers. Any thoughts to a highlights or a highlights remix video?

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I've been having the same problem... but only when not logged in on mobile.

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@c0v3rt What are we doing on the loser's bracket?

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@markjw Thanks for your suggestions. I'm from Canada - so I really need to secure tickets before I go. You've been an Enforcer before? How far did you travel to be an Enforcer?

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I was planning to make the trip to Seattle for PAX Prime this year. After years of sitting on the sidelines, I told myself this would be the PAX. Set up my Google Alerts, watched the site, followed to twitter account and got into the queue too late.

Did you get a ticket? Follow-up: any suggestions for someone looking for a ticket not wanting to pay 4X the ticket price?

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@kidzombie We could get a jump on Round 2 - let me know what days and times work best.

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