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On my laptop in Chrome with the Giant Bomb Season Pass Extension.

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Let me tell you about the way I consume Giant Bomb...

I check the site daily - watch at least of the first few minutes of most Quick Looks and have been a loyal Bombcast listener from the beginning. However, I am perpetually 6-8 months behind on the Bombcast. I have just hit the Brad-host and Ryckert-add era Bombcasts and I have to say... they've hit a fantastic high.

Brad is a great host and being host engages him for the entirety of the cast, lets Jeff be much looser and wacky and adding Dan add some great back-and-forth between the cast as they learn more about him. Also... he has some amazing stories. I can't wait to hear GOTY 2014 podcasts!

I'm late to the party, but did anyone else feel the same way?

P.S.: John Drake and Dan Ryckert together should happen more often.

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Just grab the roster from the third Mighty Ducks movie and pick names from the roster until you can get one:

  • Fulton Reed
  • Charlie Conway
  • Etc...
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First off, thanks everyone for your wonderful suggestions. I have made several notes for my future travels. I think I have figured it out.

  1. Saturday-Sunday: Visiting my folks 4 hours west of Toronto (30 minutes from the US border).
  2. Monday-Tuesday: Visit my brother at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
  3. Wednesday-Thursday: Spend more time with my folks and friends including a Detroit Red Wings playoff game.
  4. Friday-Sunday: Weekend in either Toronto or Montreal! I have friends in both cities to crash with.

A few different factors went into this:

  • Never having travelled alone, I don't think I was prepared enough to travel somewhere alone on a whim.
  • Additionally, I ran out of time to plan an oversees trip (although I do plan on a European trip in the next two years)
  • My tax return was a little lighter than expected.
  • My vacation year restarts May 1st, so I have more vacation to use!
@zelyre said:

Colorado is really pretty and if you're into the performing arts, downtown Denver is really nice. Public transportation is friendly and very easy to use. The Denver Zoo is really nice.

My brother told me that Colorado is unlike anything he's seen and got me really excited to check it out. That strikes me as a fantastic ski trip.

Miami would be cool. It would be really warm and tons of things to do I bet

This same brother is moving to Miami Beach in September... visits will be a lot cheaper.

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I'm a Canadian living 2 hours from Toronto.

@isomeri - I'd like to just getaway... haven't thought about what I'd like to do. The job has been crazy so far this year and I just need to get away from reality.

@the_boots - I'm not a really outdoorsy person.

@geardo - It's been a long winter in Canada - so I'd like to go somewhere warm.

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I have a week of vacation left to use before the end of the month - so I have booked a week's vacation from April 20th to April 24th (I work a M-F/9-5 job, so I essentially have the 18th to the 26th off or 11 days off).

My travel friends have a different vacation year and cannot take a week off this month, so the trip might end up being a solo trip. Help me plan a solo vacation! Here are the parameters:

  • I've been to Las Vegas and San Antonio (PAX South) this vacation year.
  • I would like to spend around $1000 on the trip

I have never travelled alone either - so solo trip tips are also welcome! Thanks in advance!

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Dead to Rights: Retribution.

It was a very "turn off your brain", run down hallways and shoots things kind of experience. Oh... AND YOU GOT TO BE A DOG. Nuff said.

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I have the same problem with both Netflix and Video Games... Analysis Paralysis.

I find myself paralyzed by indecision more often than not--generally I keep some short games (Tetris, Terra Battle, Crossy Road, etc.) on hand which I will throw on and mindlessly play while I wait to come up with the next larger game to play. That or I just wind up losing hours to Tetris, but that happens sometimes.

In terms of finding new stuff? Rock Paper Shotgun regularly covers small, free games that are if nothing else interesting little experiments to check out. I've gotten in the habit of pulling one or two of those a week to check out--sometimes they're crap, sometimes they wind up being pretty good, and most of the time they get me to go back and explore an older game in my backlog.

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I wish I had also seen this thread last week! I ended up raising $1625.21 during the stream which completely blew me away.

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Any word on the Bombcrew's intentions with PAX South? It's my first PAX, so any kind of GB love would be amazing.