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This headline has been bugging me. I don't understand how something is 'temporarily' delayed. It's delayed or it's released on time. Does 'temporarily' imply that they'll work on it past the current release date, then travel back in time and release it on schedule?

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Lots of people mentioning Borderlands. This was a game that I would nominate as a pleasant surprise--I have to wonder what everyone's expectations were going in. Maybe you weren't playing with friends?

I'm gonna say:

Hellgate: London

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@bartok: Agreed.  I love hearing the reactions, especially Ryan just cracking up.
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I'll still rent the full version.  I like how the in-flight stuff looks.  But yeah, the on foot portions looked pretty lame in the quick look.

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I didn't realize the original 8.6sec drink from Mythic was for DIET.  That's gotta be easier.  Regular Coke just feels thicker and richer, so you gotta have a point spread or something here.