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I'm really shocked that most of you think that Grey Worm and Selmy are dead. Getting stabbed a few times is not how this show kills characters. Let's look back at how people actually die:

  1. Ned: Decapitated.
  2. Robb: Shot by a bunch of crossbows, throat slit, decapitated.
  3. Robb's Wfie: What felt like a hundred stomach stabs.
  4. Catelyn: Throat slit.
  5. Dany's Shitty Brother: Molten gold hat.
  6. Renly: Stabbed by shadow baby.
  7. Joffery: Super long poisoning scene.
  8. Tywin: Crossbow'd while poopin'.
  9. Oberyn: HEAD CRUSH!
  10. That Wizard Guy: Lit on fire by dragons.
  11. Shae: Super long strangling scene.

And so on. Point being, when you are killed, you are killed hard. Every instance of "got hurt a bunch" ends in either recovery (Jon got arrow'd three times but made it back, Tyrion gets sliced across the face but lives, Davos gets blown off of his boat by a dragon nuke, The Mountain is stabbed by fucking poison spears but is going to be a zombie man or something) or at the very least, ambiguity. (Is the Hound dead? We don't see it. Did Syrio get killed? Didn't see it.)

I'd be stunned if they had Grey Worm stop that harpy from slitting Selmy's throat (a favorite killing blow, as shown above) only for the both of them to croak. What's the point of showing that? I predict at least one of them will make it out of this.

Khal Drogo would like a word with you about dying hard....

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It's been a while since I've been to SF, but if you're into Disney, the Walt Disney Family Museum is a really cool place to tour that's more about the man Walt Disney and not his empire.

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The first half of Witcher 1 is pretty rough. It took me like 3 or 4 times to get through it. Having said that, I still think it's worth playing through it. You get a really good armor set at the start of Witcher 2 that you use for about half the game.

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During the movie, I had a ton of fun.

After the movie and thinking about it the next day, there seemed to be a lot of details missing here and there and I think a lot of things were removed because they wanted to keep it at the 2 hour mark since the 1st one was almost at 3. The whole Thor shows up and shocks Vision to life still has me confused as to how he knew Vision wouldn't turn on the Avengers just because he held the mind stone.

The best fight out of that movie though was the Hulk vs. Iron Man in the Hulkbuster. The amount of destruction and chaos that unleashed because the Hulk couldn't control himself was just jaw dropping. I was hoping it was hinting towards a World War Hulk storyline, but we'll have to wait and see.

Also, Vision wielding Thor's hammer and everyone's reaction to it was incredible.

EDIT: Overall, I thought Ultron could've been more threatening. The trailers made him seem way more of a deal than they did in the movie. James Spader did a great job with the monologues, but overall the character just kinda didn't live up to the hype. The ending fight scene was like a robot version of Treyarch's Nazi Zombies.

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I see Bethesda definitely announcing Fallout 4, but it'll be a 2016 game. We had to wait almost an entire year for Skyrim's release when they did the surprise teaser for it at the VGA's in 2010 (fuck, 11/11/11 was a long time ago) and I see it being the same way.

I really want the Division to be good, but with the launch mess that A.C. Unity and Watch_Dogs had, it's not looking pretty. Tom Clancy games tend to have good quality, so I'm cautiously optimistic.

And I'm so happy that The Witcher III releases the week after I graduate. Couldn't have timed the launch of it better.

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It's been years since I watched Power Rangers, but after watching the short film I dug around the universe. I honestly did not know that Jason got replaced in Season 2 and had no idea who Van Der Beek was supposed to be until I looked it up on Wikipedia. I thought he was like a humanized version of Alpha for a second....

I feel like it matched the tone of Dredd, where the over-the-top grimness was part of the joke (have you watched Dredd? You should watch Dredd. Dredd is exquisite). By far one of the best parts of the whole thing was the reveal at the end. Once I saw that costume, man... I was sold. And then DUBSTEP SO MUCH DUBSTEP AAAAAH MAKE IT STOP

Funny you mention Dredd, since the guy behind the short was an executive producer for Dredd, and also worked on Machine Gun Preacher, The Grey, and the awesome Punisher short with Thomas Jane. Which totally makes me want Netflix to produce a Punisher TV series.

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I still love the guy. Sure, he over-promises and under-delivers, but we've known this for years. And he still always manages to deliver a playable game that's a little enjoyable and felt "finished". This Kickstarter is one of the first ones where he actually failed on producing a finished product, so I can't really blame the guy for trying. Like others have stated, game development's fucking hard.

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All three? And none are 50 Shades? Hmm... $26 million.

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Oh man, that landing graphic will help so much. I always hate going in for a smooth landing, only to have to be delayed by turning my ship 180 degrees cause I landed in backwards.

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Man, it's good to hear the Witcher music again. Really gives the games a distinct sound and mood.

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Was i the only "HOLY SHIT-ING" when he slided that reef like a bos??

Yeah, I like that animation too.

At first I was like, "Man, no one's figured out how to do steep hills and it's gonna look awkward like all the Elder Scrolls games" and then that happened and had the same "OH SHIT" reaction.