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Bought an Xbox One with the Kinect bundle last year during Black Friday that's been going strong since owning it. Got it plus 3 games for $350 and don't have any regrets.

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I'm liking it, but so far I liked Daredevil much better. The large amount of sex is a bit much for my taste, but the whole show is a metaphor for rape and all so I get it. However, I have a REALLY hard time with Will (the cop) eating Trish out the very next episode after he attempted to kill her and seeing her super affected by it.

Definitely interested in the Luke Cage series. He's pretty awesome in this.

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Ugh.... that pun. I never asked for it.

At least it gives me more time to finish all the 2015 releases.

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I managed to get a Link and a controller from Gamestop on their launch day and have only tried Fallout 4 on it. I'm also using Powerline adapters to connect to it since the wiring at the place I'm renting from is all sorts of messed up to do networking. Originally tried using wireless 5Ghz but that was just not an enjoyable experience.

Some days it works great, others not so much. It's been hit or miss. Last night I ran into an issue where after about 2 hours of playing Fallout the stream suddenly decreased the resolution to what I'm guessing was 240p and nothing was readable (playing on a 50" 1080p TV). I could make out the shapes but the hacking and reading inventory stuff wasn't possible. First time it happened and it was after doing a new update on the device, so I'm hoping it's just a temporary bug.

I need to try some other games with it, but Fallout 4 has basically consumed all my gaming time at the moment. I've been really impressed with Microsoft's Xbox to PC streaming so I'm hoping they're able to get PC to Xbox streaming working to do a comparison.

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Symphony of the Night and Mega Man 9 aren't on it yet? Man... was hoping those XBLA games would be there on the first pass. Good to see Castle Crashers and Shadow Complex are there though.

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Unless there's a quest that's like the Stones of Barenziah in Skyrim where you have to find them all on your own with no map markers, I'll be going in vanilla.

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Man, I thought Skyfall was the best of the Craig movies...

$84.6 million.

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If it's not Michael Dorn's Worf spinoff, forget about it.

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Probably Morrowind. The amount of times I've started and quit that game is way too high. Mostly due to the beginning having REALLY rough combat at the early levels. I loved Oblivion and Skyrim and finally learned to like Morrowind after a while.

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@mike said:

So many people in Twitch chat are trying to ask Bob direct questions and are making requests for subjects to paint and things like that. He's been dead over 20 years, longer than many of those chatting have even been alive.

20 years? No way....

*Googles Bob Ross*

Holy shit I was 6 when he passed....