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Yea, me and a few coworkers of mine are gonna start playing tomorrow. Really hadn't even looked into the game until I somehow got into the beta for it (think it was because I'd previously played Rift). Looking at gameplay videos of it totally brings back Asheron's Call/Star Wars Galaxies memories. The class system is totally bonkers too with how much customization they have.

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This year's gonna be tough. Wolfenstein: The New Order, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and Divinity: Original Sin have been my favorites so far. Dark Souls 2 was also excellent, as was The Wolf Among Us. Other games coming out I'm waiting on are LotR: Shadow of Mordor, Civilization: Beyond Earth, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. It's been a helluva year for sure.

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Yes, I would love to see a UPF where Brad attempts to play dota with Dan.


I just got to the 13 min mark and... whew. That is something.

That might be the perfect use of Dan Ryckert. It feels like a study into the chaos that is his mind.

That is one of the most enjoyable MOBA playthroughs I've ever seen. Holy moly just having a golf-like commentary of dudes observing Dan is brilliant. We need Brad and his gang to watch him play Dota 2. And I don't even like MOBAs....

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7th grade. Marysville, CA. Woke up and was getting ready for school and my parents were just standing speechless next to the radio looking horrified. Mom grabbed me and my siblings and just hugged us as hard as she could. I had no idea what was going on until Dad mentioned the WTC and the Pentagon getting hit. We just watched/listened to the news all day in my classes. Never will forget that day, even though we were nowhere close to the tragedy.

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From one of their user's comments...

"Why they came on stage sober? Where a fight with Russian bear and a sign of reconciliation, they should drink vodka were. Where Cosplay by Matryoshka?

3 \ 10 for the parody ..."

This whole thing is just so incredibly dumb and I'm loving every minute of it.

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Hah. That's a great video. Also really makes me want more Pathfinder and Flight Club videos.....

What is that song they use at the very end of it where the choir just shouts "BEER"? Never heard it til now and searching for beer in Audio Network doesn't seem to pull up anything.

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Being a first timer this year, I'm super excited for Prime. Thanks for putting this all together every time a PAX happens, @marino! The schedule on their official site was a bit daunting at first glance, but now I know which panels to definitely attend.

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Aww man. Been at a conference this week and hadn't really had a chance to check up on GB stuff. Would absolutely love to RSVP for it since I'll be at PAX this year, but the other thread's been locked down it seems...

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I will at some point. Been a bit busy these past few weekends and really want to revamp my personal website with it. Might fiddle around with it this weekend and see how much I like it, though I only have it for the one month at the current moment so I don't want to activate it immediately and then forget about it.

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I'm really hoping the game sells well to ensure MachineGames can produce even more quality work. The game is an absolute blast and a fantastic mix of 90s shooting with the modern mechanics built in.