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@bacongames: Looks like Google fixed the translation. Used to say "Respect the hard work of others and do not be cattle" from when they wrote an article on the PAX Prime parody Giant Bomb did this year.

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Eh, Troy Baker hasn't fallen to Mafia 2 levels of conversations yet. I don't mind him.

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I think I'd want Image Comic's Saga to be next. It's a huge universe with crazy characters that they'd be able to do a ton of stuff with.

Though a Punisher tale could be pretty sweet.

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Finally got around to finishing it before GOTY deliberations. While not as good as Season 1 (and honestly, there wasn't any chance it would've been better given how good and strong it was), I still had a grand time with it. Was honestly surprised at how few people decided to stay with Kenny, which I thought was a great ending. Feelings all over the place with the finale.

Also, #FuckArvo. He was like the younger Russian version of the car man from Season 1 that, even though you chose NOT to steal their shit and tried to be nice to them in the shittiest situations, they still have it out for you because reasons. Complete bullshit.

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@thinkfear: Thanks for reporting in on FireTV compatibility. That's awesome to hear. Unfortunately, I don't currently have any plans to list in the Amazon App Store, but I will definitely continue to make the APKs available so that folks can sideload the app.

Yea, just got a FireTV Stick the other day. Didn't even know sideloading was possible on the device. Good to hear!

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You've never whispered into your love's ear very tenderly "King me"?

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@gike987 said:

First porn movie spotted. Streaming anime seems to be getting popular too, I wonder how long this will last.

But will there be achievements based on how many views you have? Cause I think they got all of them at this point.

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I'd go with these three:

  • Wolfenstein: The New Order
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth
  • Divinity: Original Sin

Wolfenstein was the most fun I'd had with an FPS in years. Just a really well made game. South Park was amazing if you're still into the show, as it does all sorts of callbacks to previous episodes, and it brought back Super Mario RPG memories with the combat. And Divinity was a fantastic surprise in that it was a Kickstarter-backed game that somehow managed to get almost all of the features they wanted, plus more. Definitely the best of the CRPGs that came out this year at least. I'm guessing Wolfenstein will take the top spot in my list.

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Thanksgiving's over. That means it's time for Santa Hats.