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@HistoryInRust: I like the cut of your jib. Thank you for that.

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As long as everyone on the cast has played the game in question I would love for them to talk about spoilers much more frequently. I feel if they waited to discuss it because the game was new and they didn't want to spoil it for the audience listening to it, I would have qualms with that.

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says he gets a weird sound looping bug after installing it. The amount of modifications it makes to .dll files makes me nervous too, even though that's most likely irrational paranoia. And also the last time I saw the GB Mumble server brought up, there was some weird schoolyard drama about who owned it and such and such. So I just left that idea alone.

He and some other friends of mine tend to use Skype most the time for gaming.

Yea, Hunter, Joneseh, Lightning, IrishEvo, and I are always in Skype together when we play. I use the outfit voip every once in and while though.

I'm all for having better communication, but that many people with open mic in a call is going to get REALLY noisy. Not to mention that I constantly have the Command channel with all the other outfit leaders talking in my ear while I'm playing, which is helpful and surprisingly consistent, given how lacking the squad VoiP can be. But that in addition to a Skype call with 12+ open mic Duders might be a bit much for me unless everyone can exhibit a little radio discipline when shit gets real, which I wouldn't expect or want to restrain you guys with, since everyone has their own idea of how to benefit from voice chat.

I guess it's worth a try, though.

I hear ya. It's probably for the best then to restrain it because I'll be reciting Jack Burton monologues from Big Trouble in Little China while driving anything.

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@Grimhild: Well I might pm you and anyone who else who wants it my Skype addy, cus I enjoy games 99% more if I can chat with the complete strangers I am playing it with.

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Moving away from the hypocrisy where the majority of the podcast is talking about retail products, I don't want any more ads than I have. Which is none. Honestly they bug and irritate the hell out of me. For some, a fun jingle or catchprase can be fun to use like back in the day the popularity of "Wassssuuuup" for me it is essentially the darkest of magics and mind manipulation.

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I'm always outnumbered and outgunned cus I always miss the Sunderer or other transport so I end up huffing it. lol

Anywho, I know there is a Voip option in the game but of the few people who spoke I could barely make it out, it seemed very garbled. Some people came in clearer then others so maybe its a prob on the other end possibly. I changed the volume settings etc to see if that could fix it but to no avail. I was wondering if you guys and gals would be interested in Mumble (which is like Ventrillo in case you don't know)? The Giantbomb community has one set up for the other games such as BF3 and Guild Wars etc and I'm sure we can easily use it for our purposes since it seems to be always dead when I log on. just putting my two cents in there.

Anyway when are we all playing next? ^^

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AgentYork47 is my name.

And I can play most night Eastern Standard Time.

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I've fought a hundred, possibly even more, ducks before and I walked away with a lot of cuts and bite/pinches. So one horse sized duck opponent for me.

is fighting ducks something you do in your spare time or something

One vacation my family and I spent was at a little cottage near a lake. This lake was quite serene and beautiful and was home to a family of ducks. Being a lover of nature and wildlife and a naive child I decided to take a loaf of bread out and feed the family of ducks. At first it was fun they were quacking and I was laughing as I was flinging ripped pieces of bread through the air for my new duck friends who eagerly gobbled it up. This attracted more ducks and so I threw more bread. And more ducks came, then even more came. The skies darkened with the amount of ducks descending on me, from the trees, from the lake, from the sky their numbers never ceased. My loaf of bread was now gone and had not satiated the swarm of quacking birds I had now attracted. Hungry for bread and now flesh, the ducks started to bite and jump up flying at my face. I began punching ducks midair just to get them away from head. I ran to the door to the cottage but it was locked. (Looking back now I think my parents were doing it because the t.v. was on really loud and they didn't answer my desperate banging and knocking on the door for entry) Swarmed by ducks I fell to the ground as they pecked and flew into me demanding more food. As I was crawling to get away my hand clasped a sizable stick. I used this to stand back up and defend myself from the ravenous aquatic birds. I became a whirling dervish of sticks and feathers until my parents finally heard my battle cries and opened the door for me to escape to safety.

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I've fought a hundred, possibly even more, ducks before and I walked away with a lot of cuts and bite/pinches. So one horse sized duck opponent for me.

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Discuss your thoughts and ideas on the four chosen prototypes! And throw in some commentary about Brazen too if you feel like it. Here are the four winners:

Hack n' Slash

Brandon Dillon

Spacebase DF-9

JP LeBreton

The White Birch

Andy Wood


Lee Petty

I know there are other threads about this but I wanted to spread the word about one the design pitches being live and two consolidate everything since the prototypes have been chosen.