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Because I have to. There is no other way of life for me then that of the creator. And plus it's really awesome to think about the fact that I can make intangible thoughts in my head exist physically in the world if I build it or in other people's heads if I write it down. Pretty damn amazing in retrospect.

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It more so reminds me of Code Hero.

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In the woods
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I mean it's not like Nintendo hasn't done it before in the past. As you guys mentioned we all remember a little console called the N64 and some of the greatest games had 64 in the title. I figure they are just adhering to one of their traditions and upholding brand familiarity.

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Eat a healthy diet! Honestly since I changed my diet around I have much more energy than before and I work manual labor so every bit helps.

Bring an ipod if you can stocked with music, podcasts or books on tape.

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No parade but I did watch the dog show. Doggies!

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I have a secret I found that I will share with you guys. I just give girls exorbitant amounts of money and they find me attractive. I don't have to bathe, be nice, or have any redeemable human qualities. What's even better I don't even have to get out of my car to pick up woman I'm that good. I just drive up to a corner of a street usually in the middle of the night. Pro tip right there for ya, you don't have to go to bars or clubs or learn how to dance or wear pants to pick up girls you just find them hanging out on street corners. I'm curious about what they do for a living because they're always just loitering on the street corner but far be for me to judge what people do in their free time. I guess I'm just more sophisticated with my water polo and turtle riding hobbies. To each their own I guess.

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@Sneeze said:

@Kerned said:

I have to admit that I thought Funky Barn looked pretty alright.

Shit. Am I losing it? Is Giant Bomb driving all of us mad?

Yeah that's the part that kinda scares me aswell.. I mean there were what? 2500 people watching Jeff play Funky Barn :S

I actually was like you know this would be a fun game to just unwind and relax after a long day with. The fact you can name and customize all your animals is kinda cool. I like small things like that.

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I threw some calmer music because you'd be surprised how much fun it can be to waste some people to relaxing shit. For me at least it is fun. ^^

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This thread again! I'm sure nobody is going to bad mouth anyone based on their beliefs.

I don't like your belief that no one will bad mouth other people based on their beliefs and I don't like you! I'm bad mouthing you good sir in front of all the denizens of this fine community! Good day!