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I threw some calmer music because you'd be surprised how much fun it can be to waste some people to relaxing shit. For me at least it is fun. ^^

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@TurboMan said:

This thread again! I'm sure nobody is going to bad mouth anyone based on their beliefs.

I don't like your belief that no one will bad mouth other people based on their beliefs and I don't like you! I'm bad mouthing you good sir in front of all the denizens of this fine community! Good day!

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It's sitting in Jeff's house unhooked....to all of our collective dismay.

There might be hope for it.

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We are all gods.

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I came here for Christmas hats and I've yet to see one person wearing one. Where is your shame?

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Marriage in this country is a joke anyhow. So I'm not bothered by it. In fact I expect it and almost encourage people at that level to sleep around. Do you guys have any idea how stressful those jobs are? And sex is an awesome stress reliever.

For a while I thought the whole marriage scandals that happen time and time again in this country are just some cover up for something really bad that they did. Like this dude just murdered an orphanage but the American public wouldn't be able to handle it, so they just repackage his mistake into an affair. It's more palatable that way.

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No, throw off your shackles.

I feel like being crotchety and a Luddite today.

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Artists(read Game designers etc) have a responsibility to give the audience what they need not what they want. It is a sad fact that artists however do not get to run the companies nor make the bigger decisions as much as they should. So great ideas fall to the wayside because of market research and focus groups listening and pandering to the lowest common denominator out of all the consumers. When games move away from being products and mere entertainment to something more then we wouldn't have such a problem. This is the same problem big budget movies face everyday as well.

The ignorant are always the most vocal. So yeah sometimes the outcry of fans ruins games but I think the "blame" should be reserved for bigger honchos.

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