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I came here for Christmas hats and I've yet to see one person wearing one. Where is your shame?

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Marriage in this country is a joke anyhow. So I'm not bothered by it. In fact I expect it and almost encourage people at that level to sleep around. Do you guys have any idea how stressful those jobs are? And sex is an awesome stress reliever.

For a while I thought the whole marriage scandals that happen time and time again in this country are just some cover up for something really bad that they did. Like this dude just murdered an orphanage but the American public wouldn't be able to handle it, so they just repackage his mistake into an affair. It's more palatable that way.

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No, throw off your shackles.

I feel like being crotchety and a Luddite today.

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Artists(read Game designers etc) have a responsibility to give the audience what they need not what they want. It is a sad fact that artists however do not get to run the companies nor make the bigger decisions as much as they should. So great ideas fall to the wayside because of market research and focus groups listening and pandering to the lowest common denominator out of all the consumers. When games move away from being products and mere entertainment to something more then we wouldn't have such a problem. This is the same problem big budget movies face everyday as well.

The ignorant are always the most vocal. So yeah sometimes the outcry of fans ruins games but I think the "blame" should be reserved for bigger honchos.

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SharkPad Pro 64
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I like how everyone is mentioning that you cursed in front of the kid and that is some societal no-no when he is attending a movie with graphic depictions of violence, sex, and cursing. All things that can corrupt children in some peoples eyes. I find it even funnier that "curse words" still have leverage in society. Words, people they are just words. Teach them their uses and what they mean and don't be so afraid of them.

Also @Wolverine: I live in Central Jersey myself and the rudeness and general lack of humanity by those who identify themselves as being from North Jersey, New York, and fans of the Jersey Shore in any incarnation, be it show or locale, is overwhelming.

Also many of you have never been to the movies in Philly where people from the first row will talk to people in the last row during the movie. I shit you not.

And no reference to the Simpsons yet... I guess I'll do it.

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Last night we were playing and there were some funny bugs where during cutscenes dudes mouths didn't move. Then the game became pretty much unplayable.

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Munchin is card game which is pretty fun. Settlers of Catan is solid.

Also the holy grail of tabletop gaming; Dungeons and Dragons (3.5e)

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Go check out Electric Sheep.

Put that screensaver on and attach your comp to a big screen turn off the lights and travel through space and time.

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So while I was at work the other day, I was listening to this week's Bombcast and they mentioned they received a bunch of gaming swag from marketers trying to promote their game/goose up game "scores." The crew said that they toss this stuff aside because they have no use for it because they just want play the games. Mulling over this and being a New Jerseyite, someone who has to confront the the aftermath of the hurricane on the daily, gave me an idea. Given the destruction caused by the recent hurricane I wanted (if possible) to start some sort of charity with the awesome Duders of this community as well as the Bombers.

I figured they could auction off all the swag that they have no use/room for and donate the proceeds to the hurricane relief effort. I figured it would be mutually beneficial because the public has no access those collectibles and the Bombers can rid themselves of the evil taint of marketing goodies they have no use for. I'll probably by anything signed by and if that money can go towards helping others out, more the better.

Also in the same fashion of the Halo marathon, maybe we as the community can set something up similar. For those that can't physically come to volunteer to help up maybe we can raise money by live streaming video game sessions etc.

So I am totally naive about charities and the rules and laws associated with them so I was wondering if you cool cats had any feedback, experience, ideas of your own for some sort of charity work to help with the hurricane. I know there are other video game community associated charities out there but I would love if the Giantbomb community could be at the forefront of it. Cus you are all awesome peeps. All of you.

Even you. ^^