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Go check out Electric Sheep.

Put that screensaver on and attach your comp to a big screen turn off the lights and travel through space and time.

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So while I was at work the other day, I was listening to this week's Bombcast and they mentioned they received a bunch of gaming swag from marketers trying to promote their game/goose up game "scores." The crew said that they toss this stuff aside because they have no use for it because they just want play the games. Mulling over this and being a New Jerseyite, someone who has to confront the the aftermath of the hurricane on the daily, gave me an idea. Given the destruction caused by the recent hurricane I wanted (if possible) to start some sort of charity with the awesome Duders of this community as well as the Bombers.

I figured they could auction off all the swag that they have no use/room for and donate the proceeds to the hurricane relief effort. I figured it would be mutually beneficial because the public has no access those collectibles and the Bombers can rid themselves of the evil taint of marketing goodies they have no use for. I'll probably by anything signed by and if that money can go towards helping others out, more the better.

Also in the same fashion of the Halo marathon, maybe we as the community can set something up similar. For those that can't physically come to volunteer to help up maybe we can raise money by live streaming video game sessions etc.

So I am totally naive about charities and the rules and laws associated with them so I was wondering if you cool cats had any feedback, experience, ideas of your own for some sort of charity work to help with the hurricane. I know there are other video game community associated charities out there but I would love if the Giantbomb community could be at the forefront of it. Cus you are all awesome peeps. All of you.

Even you. ^^

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Don't worry I'm keeping it alive and the Old Gods at bay.

You're welcome.

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This guy should collaborate with her:

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You have my sword!

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Hung up.

I like the video and it's fun to dance to.

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Sgt. Fuzzypants
Oh nooess!
Time Traveler
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Dragonball Evolution simply because of the infernal piece of shit that exists instead of the awesomely amazing potential of a Dragon Ball Z movie on the big screen. They got everything wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's as if millions of fans suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

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Why attack the audience when there are many more worthwhile targets to vilify? (He sorta of does this but stop complaining about those who suffer from the misdeeds of others, attack the powers that be that are the cause of the "'Mericans r dum" stereotype) Game companies that inundate the market with the same base game concepts, marketers that hypnotize audiences to buy and worship worthless material goods, food companies that flood the market with shit that has been proven to make us addicted to substances that are both harmful to our mental and physical health, governments and their financial backers that cut costs for education yet funnel all of our money to warmongering, and people who push religious dogma instead of scientific education and progress of human evolution all need to be basically brought to trial! We have been groomed to be mindless cattle who consume and work for the elite upper echelons of society.

Video games have the potential to be more than just mere entertainment, it could be a wonderfully complex educational tool and a diverse medium for artists push human thought and development to new levels. But nah, Americans are dumb give them another fps about killing people different from whitey.