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All of them!

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It's not so much the fault of the writers but rather corporate. The execs tell them they need to change the show based on market research, polls, testing groups etc. Lost had so many more seasons planned but they got cut short and the writers had to just blaze forward with a rushed and hurried ending because they were forced to. Writers want to give you the best story possible but they are roadblocked by creatively hollow people with a lot of money. Look at all the shitty movie franchises we have. Do you think most of the writers enjoyed working on such inebriated droll? Of course not, they need a paycheck and are forced by a suit to do rewrites and add in some more product placement.

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This just means we need a new Starship Troopers remake, please no more Paul Verhoeven and Casper Van Diem though.

You bite your tongue good sir. The original movie is too good. I know the book is amazing but the movie mutated into something awesome. Sequels could die.

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I have a bit of an addiction. I usually have around 30+ tea lights placed around my room when I meditate. Thank you cheap bags from Ikea. I'm big on scents but not so much candles so I have incense in tandem with odorless candles. And then the fireplace or firepit depending if the weather requires me to be indoors or out.

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I kinda like the idea of playing a more mundane fantasy game where you're not the prophesied hero or the uber important guy. Just a dude who works a farm and sometimes has to fend off dire bears and ents and other malicious magical creatures.

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roll the dice

if you’re going to try, go all the


otherwise, don’t even start.

if you’re going to try, go all the


this could mean losing girlfriends,

wives, relatives, jobs and

maybe your mind.

go all the way.

it could mean not eating for 3 or 4 days.

it could mean freezing on a

park bench.

it could mean jail,

it could mean derision,



isolation is the gift,

all the others are a test of your

endurance, of

how much you really want to

do it.

and you’ll do it

despite rejection and the worst odds

and it will be better than

anything else

you can imagine.

if you’re going to try,

go all the way.

there is no other feeling like


you will be alone with the gods

and the nights will flame with


do it, do it, do it.

do it.

all the way

all the way.

you will ride life straight to

perfect laughter, its

the only good fight

there is.

- Charles Bukowski

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Can someone photoshop a large spider with 8 snake limbs? I want to be afraid of that thing.

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We are all gods.

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I switch on and off between them, Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, and Red Sparrowes. I own með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust (With a Buzz in Our Ears We Play Endlessly) on vinyl by them. I pretty miffed since I live in philly and missed their show. Post rock has become my new way of life.

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A pistol

7 rifles

A trident

A harpoon

A quan dao

8 swords of the katana persuasion

2 crossbows

3 bows

2 woodchopping axes

2 throwing axes

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Your mind creates the conscious world around you.

Meditate, think positively, and understand how you can mold this world.

We are all gods.