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I do the two day rule, according to the material though you can wear them a lot longer because frequent washing deteriorates them. But for my own personal sanitary reasons and the thought that wearing jeans more than two days is scummy I do not adhere to that philosophy.

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The research I've been doing on the candidates so far has lead to me the decision that I will vote for Ron Paul.

I disagree with some of his stances particularly on abortion, but I do agree with his proposal to make it up to the individual state to decide whether it is legal or not. I'm a hundred percent pro-abortion, the woman in question should have the right to choose. If we can't get that nationwide than at least statewide it would be legal.

I also like his foreign policy. Pulling out of this war is what we need, it's what the world needs. All the other Republican noms can't understand that America is the bad guy.

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I think it stems from when you want something to be so so so good and it ends up failing you become bitter towards it. Not in the sense that you build up unreachable and unattainable expectations but rather the game fails where it obviously should not. It fails at spot where it has a responsibility to be awesome. From my own experiences I have felt this same very way with Skyrim. It is a great game and I put a lot of hours into it, but like others I could go on about what is wrong with it.

Space combat and ships. I was so excited about this concept in relation to a Star Wars MMO. When I think of Star Wars I think of the ships and cruising around the galaxy, (And yes I know people think different things first) Skywalker was a pilot first and a Jedi second. And when it was released that the combat would be on rails, the ships would be class specific and not customiozable, and I could not fly nilly willy around in space, it killed my interest in the game. I know my wants are particular but I hold games/media responsible when they create the next iteration of a franchise. The problem is though their are so many different versions of Star Wars to different people. With the numerous movies, books, and games each introduction to the universe is quite radical from the other. I hold Empire dear in my heart so my view of Star Wars I would think would be different from someone from a younger generation who has been introduced through the newer trilogy and the clone wars tv show. The expectations have been radically changed.

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Since I moved out of my original house embarking on that grand adventure called college, I've lived in about 5 different apartments with with neat freaks, slobs, drug dealers, whores, and philosophers.

With the inspect everything motto, take a video and/or photographs of the place with a newspaper in the frame so you can verify the date! I cannot stress this enough. I've had 2 landlords that fought me tooth and nail over a measly security deposit. From what I've learned they simply collect the security deposits on the pledge that they are going to fix the place, not spend it on repairs, wait for the new chums to move in with the preexisting faulty conditions and charge them the same fee to "fix" the place. Rinse and repeat. Hopefully your landlord isn't a scumbag but they are out there and they are Scummmm-eee. Also, take pictures before you move out too. Two of us repainted the apartment with the specific paint left over from the original repainting of the apartment by the superintendent to spruce it before we left. You know, cover up all the scuff marks and stains etc. I've also been a painter of house exterior/interior for about 8 years now to give you some credence to my abilities with a paintbrush and the dweebo charged us something to the tune of 200 hundy to repaint the place because the walls were dirty. Bollocks to that. They just take your money!

With regards to roommates. Space is key. I lived with close friends but if someone is always around, always in your face, always in your proximity you will learn ways to hate them. Even if they aren't inherently annoying. This is why children/teens fight with parents, and relationships with loved ones become so trying. You need your me time and they need theirs. Oh and don't leave passive aggressive notes on the fridge if something is bothering you. Confront the issue and work it out face to face. Also make the cleaning a shared activity and make it fun. You can bond with your friends when listening to loud music while scrubbing a toilet and shower.

With regards to heating multiple blankets is much more cost effective than a high heating bill. ^^

Good luck friend.

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You have to expand your mind every once in a while and question everything in your life.

I smoke a pipe and cigars occasionally. And in privately owned restaurants it should be legal to smoke there, if you don't want your lungs harmed don't go. I don't like drinking but tequila serves a very wonderful purpose.

The worst drug I hate is what the damn food industry is in control of.

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I second House of Leaves.

Kafka on the Shore by Murakami

Factotum by Charles Bukowski

Tales of the Otori by Lian Hearn

Story of the Eye by Georges Bataille

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

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@TrippinBungalow: I thought the same exact thing and clicked out before completing it.

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I buried my grandma on my 21rst birthday. Lady always knew how to be the center of attention in life and in death.

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I am poor and I live vicariously through them.

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I safely own own guns and smoke pot.

Legally, people should be able to buy guns and should be able to buy pot.

The more people get restricted, the more people get repressed, the more they rebel. Education about activities is what needs to be elevated to a higher priority, not fear mongering.