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Half and half. I'm looking forward to the storyline but I haven't been really sold on the gameplay. It seems boring to me. Of course I will give ti a shot to give the game a fair assessment it deserves. I'm curious though they took it in this direction.

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My gamertag
Agent York 47

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I don't normally like tower defense games, they give me anxiety and when I inevitably fail them I beat myself up. Sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively. But playing the demo I actually really enjoyed this game. I have yet to see how it plays with a full party but during my little playthrough I thought to myself how much fun it would be to grab 3 other friends and play this game.
I was also hesitant on buying this game because it seemed like the GB crew was pimping their new found game designer friends, but to their credit it is a fun game.

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@demonbear said:
I've sent the question to the bombcast, hopefully it'll get some air and we could get the crew's take on this.

They touched upon your question in this weeks bombcast!
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Left 4 Dead 2 lans on xbox happens a lot with my friends. We set up projectors and have 4 v 4 matches.
I also want to start doing some Halo 2 lans.

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@buft: I Ironically enjoy playing Trenched while wearing a monocle, top hat, and cane.
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I used to. But then I realized it sucked compared to other substances I could use. Like a certain plant. So now maybe once a month socially I enjoy a good gin and tonic or tom collins.

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@HitmanAgent47: I'll take your bait. 
But first I'm going to level with you, because as fellow member oft he community you deserve it. I've read the various topics you've created over the past couple of days and well, they come off elitist and single-minded. Whether that is your intention or not is regardless because that's the way people are interpreting it. You are receiving negative feedback and snarky responses because that is the way people perceive you.
Furthermore, a lack of response to your topic does not  equate to the user base of this community being anyway unintelligent or base in intellectual endeavors they just do not have time for your pseudo-intellectual arguments. So please do not insult the users of the forum when they don't pander to your goals.
Now, I will answer your aforementioned question.
Yes I would like to put into the vr machine. I was never asked to be born. I never asked to born into a life where I had to suffer. Of course there is someone else always worse off than me, and my petty complaints seem arbitrary next to theirs. I have many luxuries, being able to use a computer and have internet access being one of them. I do not have to worry about where my next meal is coming from or famine. Yet, I still have suffered in my time in my own way. So if given the option to have all that removed I would take it.
I would be a hypocrite, but I still would take it.
I believe we learn the most from suffering. If you have it easy, if you never have to fight for something you can never really learn about yourself truly. You have to have something in opposition to define yourself. I do not believe ignorance is bliss. The idea of a heaven where no one suffers in a religious sense is appealing to me. i want to feel pain, anger, love, loss, joy etc removing anyone of those emotions would to deny my humanity and my notion of free will.
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That's what I want the most in the game. I clawed my way to the top of the arena murdering everyone in my wake. I completed by B.A. at the Arcane University and became the Dean of that school. That's how cool I am. I've accomplished a lo of things. I am a hero, a champion, a warrior, a wizard. I'm David Bowie in their fantasy world. And people still have the nerve to question my identity!
That pissed me off the most, I'd stroll into the Arcane University and low level guys would be "Hello newbie" and other dialogue that does not fit in terms of respect for my character. So I did what any normal person would do. 
I slaughtered them all with my fireballs.
If I've done so many things to warrant popularity I'd like to be treated as such. I'd also like that to effect gameplay. For example maybe an npc's brother got killed in the arena by me or someone lost a huge bet betting against me and wants to kill me because he or she has lost everything. Or I don't know maybe a goddamn discount once in a while. Or like a sponsor so every once and a while I get a new mace or a spell. I'd like having to hide my identity when traveling to foreign cities to stay inconspicuous and covert.

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@NeverDave: I don't want the toast he pops out.