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@HandsomeDead: I respect your opinion on your wish for him to cut all of it off. I disagree, but I still value what you have to say. However, telling him to grow up just irks me to no end.
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Also shoot one shot first and then deploy. I was playing with a guy ranked 53 on the leaderboards and he said that helped as well. Best of luck.

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I wasn't in the right state of mind when I clicked the link. 
But it all made sense. It all made sense. Everything.

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Perception is the key theme to this thread. What maybe was intended as a meaningful and passionate debate about family life and the psuedo-parents and idols we erect for ourselves has obviously been construed as something horrible and wrong.

As we can see in the aforementioned clip perception of appearances, motives, and actions differ from the central subjects point of view. So much like the Barry, the OP was drunk as fuck when he wrote it.
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I used my forensic photoshopping skills and clarified the image.

I've been saying for years that they should turn this show into a video game and I see my sentiments have finally been acknowledged.
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Don't go.
College is a scam unless you're going in the medical field.

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Once they sort through all the signers from what I heard it will show up then. I signed up a few hours ago and I haven't received anything yet.

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Half and half. I'm looking forward to the storyline but I haven't been really sold on the gameplay. It seems boring to me. Of course I will give ti a shot to give the game a fair assessment it deserves. I'm curious though they took it in this direction.

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My gamertag
Agent York 47

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I don't normally like tower defense games, they give me anxiety and when I inevitably fail them I beat myself up. Sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively. But playing the demo I actually really enjoyed this game. I have yet to see how it plays with a full party but during my little playthrough I thought to myself how much fun it would be to grab 3 other friends and play this game.
I was also hesitant on buying this game because it seemed like the GB crew was pimping their new found game designer friends, but to their credit it is a fun game.