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That's what I want the most in the game. I clawed my way to the top of the arena murdering everyone in my wake. I completed by B.A. at the Arcane University and became the Dean of that school. That's how cool I am. I've accomplished a lo of things. I am a hero, a champion, a warrior, a wizard. I'm David Bowie in their fantasy world. And people still have the nerve to question my identity!
That pissed me off the most, I'd stroll into the Arcane University and low level guys would be "Hello newbie" and other dialogue that does not fit in terms of respect for my character. So I did what any normal person would do. 
I slaughtered them all with my fireballs.
If I've done so many things to warrant popularity I'd like to be treated as such. I'd also like that to effect gameplay. For example maybe an npc's brother got killed in the arena by me or someone lost a huge bet betting against me and wants to kill me because he or she has lost everything. Or I don't know maybe a goddamn discount once in a while. Or like a sponsor so every once and a while I get a new mace or a spell. I'd like having to hide my identity when traveling to foreign cities to stay inconspicuous and covert.

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@NeverDave: I don't want the toast he pops out.
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@Getz: I did not know that. Thanks!
Well I happen to enjoy discussing theoretical physics in relation to fictional settings.
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I haven't played the game but can he still use his electricity powers when he gains the ice powers? Because ice is still water just in another state, so wouldn't that harm him as well?

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@EuanDewar: That was the most bullshit one in my opinion. You previously were traveling up the building massacring hordes of henchmen, leaving countless bodies in your wake. But then it suddenly becomes "Renegade" or evil to kick one guy out the window? I'm calling bullshit. What is death by incineration, gunfire, or force pushing is more morally acceptable than being kicked through a window?
I think morality choices should be removed from games. Ascribing points to actions like that is superfluous.
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If you are of sound mind and at a happy state in your life rent a sensory deprecation tank and drop acid.
Or the time honored staple which is fun for everyone:

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As an atheist more so an anti-theist I'm all for removing it. Yes, I do get offended when people say "god bless you" when I sneeze, or that the pledge has the words "under god" in it, as well as the line "In god we trust." No, I do not like to make a big stink about it, I for the most part like to keep my disapproval and reactions to such matters to myself because it's pointless to yell at people and get so mad at trivial things. 
And to everyone calling the U.S. a secular nation, we are clearly not. Believe me I want us to be. So many politicians and people who run things in our country are brainwashed by religion. Case and point the reason gay/non heterosexual marriage is still even remotely contested is beyond me. Separation of church and state was to keep the state out of the church.

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Existence is meaningless. We ascribe meaning to events in space and time to comfort ourselves, it gives us something concrete we can latch onto. My opinions and assumptions are neither more correct nor truer than anyone elses. So meaning becomes a personalized thing that is neither more correct nor truer than anyone esles.
All I know is "Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die." Enjoy it all.

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@Laketown: That's why you're single then.
Facial hair all the way! I'm a beard advocate mostly because I hate that this image of clean shaven guys with short hair that's forced down my throat in media. And also that the workforce requires you to uphold that "ideal" form of grooming. So that's why I grew my hair out and have a trimmed beard.