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Black. Preferably from shitty diners.

I hate when people spend five minutes telling me some artisanal monkey shat out the beans just to make it taste better. I even have gotten weird looks when I go to little mom and pop cafes and I ask just for black coffee. I used to add loads of whipcream, caramel, the whole nine but my tastes have changed. And I was heavily influenced by Twin Peaks.

Also I do prefer some FK's in there.

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I happen to like the "Wind Whispered Never."

A lot actually, the more I say it out loud. The long title as a whole seems to clunky to me and needs to be shortened.

And disregard any use of "pretentious" in discussions. It's a simple and overused term used by pretentious people (har har har) to discredit others when something is out of their desired norm despite if their following advice is valid.

And as always if you like you're long title and it means a whole lot to ya, fuck our suggestions and keep it the way you want.

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Sometimes they're just Brad. ;)

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Guys I solved it. CBS is planning to invent their own virtual pop star and Jeff having clearly sold out, high on pipe dope and that corporate pape publicly denounced the blue haired robot as part of CBS's underground smear/marketing campaign.

Look forward to Hatsune Ray Romaniku next summer.

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As someone who misses the concept of demos I for one hate the idea of paying for early access. Demos that were on disks back in the days of magazines and demos that were freely able to be downloaded on more current systems highly influenced my purchasing of a game. Any game that puts out a free demo gets few points in my book.

Paying for an unfinished product doesn't jive with me.

Don't they know how to sell drugs, the first taste is always free.

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@jz: I thought it was pretty clever to put out a demo and not follow the pay for early access routes. I'm so sick and tired of that model and any game that actually comes out with a demo beforehand gets a few points in my book.

And 8.

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Sweet cocaine.

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Create don't consume.

Get a motorcycle.


Become a Renaissance Man.

Fight a bear.

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Woo Degrassi!

I don't really have much of a comment after that. I un-apologetically love that stupid, stupid show.