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Transparency with this industry is super fascinating to me. I wanna listen to all his stories about game development. My respect for the man has shot through the roof.

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Earth is the coolest spaceship, maaaaaaan.


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The battle moons from Shadow Raiders
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That time where Leon from the Professional fought everyone to save his plant and Queen Amidala.

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Whiskey, tea, hot water bottle. After work cus I can't really take off.

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I caught the ending of the Matrix Online live when someone over at Screw Attack posted a link in the chat. I've been in love ever since.

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I feel like these are scenes from the greatest FMV game ever to be made in a parallel universe.

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I'm going to introduce you to the wonderful world of rolling your own. Find a local smoke shop and pick out some delicious smelling loose pipe tobacco and roll that up. Stay away from the pouches you can buy. And on the plus side it's hella cheaper if you're an avid smoker. Also, you'll make tons of friends cus random people stop me all the time asking to bum one after they smell it as I walk down the street. Also be prepared to tell people it isn't a joint. That being said never have been hassled by the fuzz for it and I look like someone who does the potdrugs.

After rolling, I am so turned off by smoking any packaged cigarette. They taste so awful.

I don't know if it has to do with the type of tobacco I smoke or if I am just an edge case but I've never had a craving for a cig. No science to back it up but I attribute it to not smoking big tobacco companies products.

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Black. Preferably from shitty diners.

I hate when people spend five minutes telling me some artisanal monkey shat out the beans just to make it taste better. I even have gotten weird looks when I go to little mom and pop cafes and I ask just for black coffee. I used to add loads of whipcream, caramel, the whole nine but my tastes have changed. And I was heavily influenced by Twin Peaks.

Also I do prefer some FK's in there.

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I happen to like the "Wind Whispered Never."

A lot actually, the more I say it out loud. The long title as a whole seems to clunky to me and needs to be shortened.

And disregard any use of "pretentious" in discussions. It's a simple and overused term used by pretentious people (har har har) to discredit others when something is out of their desired norm despite if their following advice is valid.

And as always if you like you're long title and it means a whole lot to ya, fuck our suggestions and keep it the way you want.

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Sometimes they're just Brad. ;)