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" You're a game designer; What's the title of your game?" is the name of my game.

It's a 4X space flight and economy simulator game. The hook is that space is actually CYBERSPACE! and your commodities are ideas for video games that you need to physical transport from computer to computer via the dangerous INTERWEB, which is a nefarious system of tubes you have to navigate through.

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Shake Shack!

In Madison Square Park. The burgers are delicious and it's located in the middle of a park so the atmosphere and scenery is nice.


It's a Japanese restaurant with ninja waiters! And you sit in a little ninja village! and they do ninja magic! it is a rousing good time.

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Hey guys....

"You are not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your fucking khakis. You're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world."

I wanna know about the real yous. ^^

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Since corporations have person-hood who is going to the funeral for Microsoft? Should we protest it Westboro Baptist style with signs like "God Hates DRM" and "All Greedy Billionaires Should Burn in Hell! Okawa 31: 21"

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@shagge said:

@sarnecki said:

I'm assuming they left the equipment alone?

Hmm... that question kind of makes your following sentence a wee bit presumptuous, don't ya think?

Double Hmmmm Sarnecki....dont you think that your question kind of makes your following sentence a wee bit presumptuous, don't ya think?

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Awesome. This is something I could get behind. I love emergent gameplay where my actions and not a quest chain are the moments where I go "That was awesome." I think that is why I enjoyed playing Minecraft and Far Cry 3.

Thanks for this. Are you going to add any creature mods because the paltry selection in Skyrim was pretty boring.

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The preferred nomenclature is Nekkid! Thank you.

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If we can play awesome custom game types then I'm down. I've had a hankering for some Troy for a few years now.


The goal of this game is simply to kill the opponents with one life and with brute shots.

Gametype Settings

Settings: Two-Flag Capture the Flag

Primary Weapon: Brute Shot

Secondary Weapon: None

Weapons on Map: None

Starting Grenades: None

Grenades on Map: None

Active Camo: Off

Overshield: Off

Shields: None

Motion Sensor: Off

Vehicles: None

Lives: One life

Score to Win Round: 1

Slow with Flag: On

Damage with Flag: Massive

Honor Rules

-You must fire all your ammo at the beginning of the game--if you hit the opponent, lucky you; if not, too bad!

-Generally the game is played to kill the opponents, rather than to capture the flag, since you only have one life.

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@granderojo: I think I screwed up my name. Sorry bout that mate. Peyote Diaz@Butler47 Thanks again.

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Peyote Diaz@roguebutler47

Tiefling Wizard on Mindlfayer.